Ordinary Food @ Zoovenir :(



Still disappointing despite the change in name from Endangered Species 🙁

This should be a lesson for me not to always follow the recommendation of Amanda from the “F” show in Studio 23. Last Sunday, she featured this restaurant in M.H. del Pilar named Zoovenir. The street is one-way so best to start from Pedro Gil or in the Manila Diamond Hotel area. For those of you who have been in this area, the place was originally named Endangered Species. It retained its animal themed interiors and the ordinary tasting salads, pasta, and meals.

What’s good about this place is the Baked Salmon and Cheese Dip (P290) with really crunchy garlic toasted french bread. Also, the dessert was nice — we tried the crunchy vanilla. It was simply vanilla ice cream with merengue but it costs P220 — way too expensive. Please stay away from the Spaghetti alla Vongole (P230). The Salads which was raved about by “F” is nothing but ordinary and we tasted both Tuna Turner (P140) and Chinese Duck Salad (P160).

After the meal, we felt that we were robbed by P400/each! This is the reason that I want to blog about places, and restos in manila so that we don’t get all marketing gimmicks and information from TV Shows and Magazines… Aaarghh!


6 thoughts on “Ordinary Food @ Zoovenir :(

  1. Baka naman nasarapan talaga si Amanda dun sa salad? And well maybe she and the rest of F think that a salad that costs as much as what you have in Zoovenir is cheap (I’m sure puro maraming pera ang mga yan) so they figured they’d recommend it. =)

  2. I think the places they review in ‘F’ are all paid placements, like press releases or advertising. I tend to be a bit skeptical about the products they feature also =)

  3. The best restaurant reviews for me are those from my own friends, or from other bloggers — who obviously don’t get paid to write nice things about different establishments. =)

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