Carlito’s Workshop 3 — Carlito’s Coffee


Superb Barako Coffee, Sweet Lansones, and Delicious Puto 🙂

This is the highlight of the trip —a cup of Barako Coffee and delicious Puto at Carlito’s workshop. Our only regret was we did not call in advance because he could have served us Rice Coffee and would be a unique experience. Since we are just walk-ins (hehe) we were entertained as guests still and Carlito was very hospitable. His art and books collection are intimidating but it was actually cool spending merienda in his workshop. BTW, he also serves sweet lansones that we cannot help but eat and be addicted to it (much better than rambutan hehehe).

There are interesting art pieces all around and my friend, Maong was fascinated with the swinging wooden chair in a steel frame (middle photoo). Carlito showed us how he is doing his steel/ brass masterpieces that could costs P40,000 at a minimum. The ambiance is very Filipino and alot of art talk pieces. We simply had a fun time in this place (this could change if there is already alot of people visiting here). We’ll let the photos do the talking here 🙂

Of course, I had to take the obligatory family picture photo (top right photo) 🙂

Here are the contact information:

Carlito Ortega Cellphone # 0919-837 7755 or (049) 5620351
Open on Saturdays. For the rest of the week, please call to give prior notice.

Just a word of advise, there are no signs from the maharlika highway going to Carlito’s workshop. If you are coming from Manila, after passing the left turn going to kusina salud, you will make a right turn to Brgy. Sta. Ana. The only landmark is a direction going to 3j foods corp. It’s a big road with alot of tricycles in that corner.


One thought on “Carlito’s Workshop 3 — Carlito’s Coffee

  1. Really nice photos. I see you’re using a Canon. What model EOS is it? And you’re friend is toting a Sony F717, right? Sharp lens, easy to use, 5 megapixels. Great! ^_^
    I just stumbled upon your blog while I was looking for places to see in Laguna and Quezon. Very informative. I like it that you post pictures alongside the text. Helps alot in gauging if the place is something I might want to check out for myself. Might take a day trip there next week, weather-permitting. 😀

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