Goodluck Romi on your Mt. Cho Oyu Climb!!


Last June 10, I’ve blogged about my good friend Romi’s next climb. He invited me to join at least the short trek at the slopes of Nepal during the first part of his climb but my schedule and finance does not permit it. I’m glad Ching was able to join and I’ll expect very nice pictures from their trip. Good Luck Romi on your Mt. Cho Oyu climb! For those who wants to contribute here and know more information about this noble cause, here are some links:

>> Read more on Cartwheel Foundation press release.
>> Romi’s Mt. Cho Oyu Blog


3 thoughts on “Goodluck Romi on your Mt. Cho Oyu Climb!!

  1. sir, will you allow me to post this link at the palmc climbing egroups?
    by the way, i discovered galileo through your web log. At P 350 with a a generous serving of house red wine, their daily meal was a good value for money. i capped the meal with an italian expresso. thanks

  2. good luck romy, and the team we will be expecting you on top. since your achievemnet will also be the filipinos achievement. you rock!

  3. Way back in 2000 a group of young Fil-Am reached the summit.
    This was right after the tragic disappearance of the Chinese delegates.
    You don’t like this info for sure.
    But to those who want to be accurate . . . this is the truth.
    As a Filipino, of course, am still proud of Oracion et al.

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