Quezon Culinary Series 3: Lucban Longganisa Breakfast!


Addicting Longganisa Lucban 🙂

After 3 hours of driving, we finally arrive in our first stop in Quezon. Now, this would be the start of our degustation. By this time, we are hungry from the trip because we only had snacks along the way in the interest of time. I’ve been to Quezon during Pahiyas and I should say it is worth visiting lucban not during the fiesta season on May 15. Also, you would have the time in the world, to savor what lucban has to offer.

Our breakfast was in Dealo’s Koffee Klatch and our breakfast consists of Pansit Lucban or popularly known as pancit habhab, Longganisa Lucban and broas. My son Aidan was very jolly and at this point of time we were taking photo shoot of Aidan.

The longganisa lucban is very addicting because it is made of natural ingredients (no preservatives) and lots of oregano. Although for some who are expecting a sweet longganisa, it is not. I think people will be offended if you look for a sweet taste and they would say go to Pampanga. For me, I think it is perfect with the vinegar sauce — really yummy! Also the pancit habhab, was delicious. According to Tina, you would know the pansit is special if it has lechon kawali as an ingredient. BTW, it is called habhab because you would normally eat it in banana leaves and just use your mouth to eat it.The broas was not as good as the one in Sariaya so stay tuned for that.


9 thoughts on “Quezon Culinary Series 3: Lucban Longganisa Breakfast!

  1. id been to Lucban several times too. Try to buy at OBLEA’s Longganisa Lucban. Its the best i’d ever taste.

  2. hi! OBLEA’s longganisa is located at ( if i’m not mistaken) A. Racelis Ave. at the back of Lucban Municipal Bldg. Actually its near Dealos Koffee Klatch. My cousin was the one who told me to buy there & I love their longganisa.

  3. Hi! Can you direct me to a store in Metro Manila where I can buy Lucban Longganisa (If possible, OBLEA’S longganisa.
    With many thanks.

  4. Hi:) My husband is from Lucban. We sell longganisa per dozen around Alabang area. If you want to buy please text me at 0918-3044093.

  5. please share with me your recipe of longganisang lukban… i was searching this for so long…. i’m hoping for your recipe.. thanks

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