Quezon Culinary Series 5: Kamay ni Hesus better than Field of Faith?


This one is really really awesome healing church and rosary hill!

This is one of the places that I would surely go back. This shot is taken while it is raining outside so we did not have a chance to savor the beauty of the place. When we are approaching Kamay ni Jesus, we just saw Jesus Christ statue on top of the mountain. Later we realized that it was a rosary garden where you have to climb 200+ steps as you pray the different rosary mysteries. As you can see in the bottom, there is the last supper and on top, the crucifixion. The Field of Faith never came close to the beauty of this rosary hill.

Kamay ni Hesus features a healing church with Fr. Joey Faller giving a healing mass every Monday and Saturday 9.30am. Approximately the place is just around for a year but there have been some pilgrimage already to this place. When we arrive there are still alot of construction going on in the parking lot. This is still in Lucban and would definitely be in our next itinerary when visiting Lucban.


8 thoughts on “Quezon Culinary Series 5: Kamay ni Hesus better than Field of Faith?

  1. I also took pictures of the place, and didn’t bother to post images anymore, because its a really difficult scene to take a picture of. Well, at least I had a 5 peso pansit habhab right after 🙂

  2. hi there sir. i’m currently doing a study about Kamay ni Hesus Foundation. can you email me the directions starting from the southsuper highway. thank you so much.

  3. hmmm, i guess you haven’t gone up the 200 steps? coz, it’s not a rosary hill. it’s actually a station of the cross. 🙂

  4. the right way of going up there is by following the no’s of the way of the cross zig-zag arrangement, surely you wont get tired.

  5. @ selenaklye: i agree with you; @ bernie: correct a zig-zag arrangement to follow the station of the cross in a meditative way 🙂

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