Quezon Culinary Series 7: Super Delicious Lunch @ Kamay Palaisdaan


Ang sarap sarap! Really super delicious lunch 🙂


I do not mean to use alot of superlatives but this is how we felt about the food. It’s alot better than Exotik Restaurant in Laguna. But you need to make sure you have a reservation specially during lunch time. You eat in kubo huts in the middle of a fish pond where there are lots of Tilapia.

Our lunch started with a serving of fresh buko juice and we were glad that all the food was pre-ordered by Tina 🙂 She ordered fresh tilapia, spare ribs and ginataang kuhol — all of them was very delicious. I can’t restrain myself from eating the spare ribs or the ginataan sauce or the fresh tilapia. Truly superb in all aspects and this is the perfect lunch I imagined in a culinary tour of Quezon province. Lastly, the dessert was equally good — it’s like inipit made out of flour and pumpkin with sweet sauce.

At this point, we are all satisfied and we are starting to feel that the tour was worth it. But the best is yet to come 🙂


13 thoughts on “Quezon Culinary Series 7: Super Delicious Lunch @ Kamay Palaisdaan

  1. We are planning to go on a road trip with a Balikbayan cousin and would love to try out Kamayan sa Palaisdaan. Can you please provide me with the contact numbers so I can reserve in advance? Thanks a lot!

  2. Im originally from San Pablo and i will be coming home by end of this month together with hubby and friends from europe. Kamayan sa Palaisdaan seems to be a nice place for a sumptuous lunch, can you please provide me with address and number? Thanks!

  3. hi anton. is kamayan located at bay, laguna or quezon? its confusing coz a lot of people says its in quezon.but on the map its in bay laguna. thanks!

  4. Kamayan sa Palaisdaan seems a nice place.we’re going on vacation there in the phils in june.can u give me the address and contact number for the place? thanx

  5. wow ang sarap d2,, we went there at laguna last arpil 30,, we ate seafoods kare kare wow super delicious,, muntik ko na makalimutan ang bebe ko sa sobrang sarap mg lafang…
    keep up the good work…
    thanks to my bebe NOEL who brought me there to discover the dishes and the floating cottages while eating ang ganda dito the best talaga…

  6. i been there,ok naman nice cozy place,pangmadla,pwede lahat makapunta at makaafford!Sa Tayabas Quezon,bo.Dapdap,at laki akong Tayabas,munting bayan,masarap ang mga isda lalot inihaw,kase yan ang mga pagkaing namimissed ko!ciao a tutti,from Italy with love and prayers!

  7. hi… i juz wanna ask if Kamayan sa Palaisdaan a restaurant and hotel??? me and my friends are planning to eat there stay at night… i could’t see the website to look for information about the place… tnx…

  8. They have a small resort near the restaurant. The Villa is 6500 for the overnight rate, good for 20 persons. This includes accommodation and use of swimming pool. Mind you, the pool water is fresh from Mt.Banahaw (no chlorine, just natural minerals yey!)
    The hotel rooms will be ready by October

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