Quezon Culinary Series 8: Sariaya’s Ancestral Houses



Great Ancestral house and a cultural highlight for the tour 🙂

After eating soo much already at this point, we were looking forward to the Tagayan that Tina promised us in this ancestral house. I’m not really fan of old buildings or structure but I was quite impressed with how this ancestral house was maintained. Of course, the tour guides who just comes in just for us was dressed in barong and saya which transports you back in time.

I let the pictures of this ancestral house to do the talking of how it feels like to be in that house. Frankly, there’s a creepy feel to it, and I cannot imagine living in this house 🙂 This reminds of La Cocina de Tita Monings house. Too bad, they are not serving food inside the house though– if ever food is arranged it is at the back.

The interesting part of the house is the cellar which is where the people would hide from Japanese and there are clothes, beds, and products from that era. Check out the old bottles of consumer products during that time from old coca cola bottles, to baby oil, etc.

The great part is the escape from the cellar as you can see my brother is escaping through a narrow opening 🙂


4 thoughts on “Quezon Culinary Series 8: Sariaya’s Ancestral Houses

  1. Hi Anton,
    Can you just go to the ancestral house out of the blue or do you need to tell them in advance? Maybe you know of other ancestral homes or “very spanish” places? We’re working on an article with that theme… Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. wow I did not know that you featured our town.
    Yes Sariaya has a lot of things to offer in the world.
    Our house is just beside that house you featured.

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