Quezon Culinary Series 9: Tagayan & Sariaya Pasalubong


Great Lambanog and best Broas in Town!

A good way to complete the culinary experience is via an afternoon drinking session with Philippine’s own Lambanog. Tina provided a perspective on Quezon’s drinking session rituals or “Tagayan” after the tour of the ancestral house. The lambanog tastes like vodka + tequila in one, and it is very smooth — I liked it! We should start to patronize our own Philippine product. BTW, after the session, we get to take home the bottle of Lambanog 🙂

Sariaya has the best broas in the Philippines period. Villamater’s broas is crispy all throughout and according to Tina, the secret is in the pugon cooking throughout. Too bad, they don’t want to provide a demo on how to bake these sariaya goodies. Villamater’s bakery is just down the street from the ancestral house, and next door, you can buy home made pastillas (see middle picture above). During our trip, their special pastillas de potato was sold out 🙁

This ends of Sariaya leg, and we are all excited with our last pottery garden stop!


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