Anton’s Awesome Planet — BLOG-O-RAMAed :)


At some point in your blogging career, you know that somehow you have touch some people’s lives and your voice is worth listening to if you get Blog-a-rama-ed by AJ (Annalyn Jusay) blogging @ for Manila Bulletin. She’s becoming the fast defacto authority for blogger profiling in the Philippines. Check out AJ’s appreciative inquiry on Anton’s Awesome Planet in MB’s technews both online and on print this week (10/17/2005). I did not realize that the blog-o-rama’s printed edition would contain half a page of MB’s technews. At least this was a personal awesome moment for me 🙂 Thanks AJ!


On Being Discovered:

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3 thoughts on “Anton’s Awesome Planet — BLOG-O-RAMAed :)

  1. anton! congrats! all the nites staying up, thinking of what to write, posting pics in flickr, thinking of titles and formatting html/css has definitely paid off for you! 🙂
    keep up the good work, i’m a witness as to how your blog has tremendously improved over the months 🙂

  2. Christian/Tanya, my loyal readers, thanks for the wonderful comments 🙂 this is just the start, hopefully I can sustain the level of writing and quality of pictures… let’s see after another year. hahahaha

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