Writing Salon Series 3: My Feeble Attempt at Characterization


The setting was perfect — breakfast @ Illustrado’s and Sunday morning preaching from James Nave’ on Journaling and Characterization. The ambiance is very important so that the writing flows out and you can let your imagination take control. Our writing exercise for the day was in developing characters and I realize how easy it was to get started with it and how difficult it was to develop the level of detail the character needs. We selected random first names, and random last names then for 15 minutes develop the character. I chose to develop Erundina Lim, Taipan Heiress and Alex Fonacier, Politician responsible for babies genocide in the Philippines. My piece needs improvement but here it is in its raw form:

Erundina Lim

Daughter of a Hongkong taipan who loves to travel, wants to be unique and has a passion for the arts in the area of theater and broadway shows. She is single coming from past relationships that don’t seem to work out. She constantly looks for the meaning of life and her purpose here on earth. She love children and travels around the world to help malnourish children in Asia and Africa. People admire her because of her beauty and generous heart. However, most people get intimidapted by her presence because of her overflowing confidence and passion to do what is right and fight for what she believes in. She loves her parents very much and a very family oriented person. However, she sometimes disagree with age old chinese traditions that is not appropriate to modern times or does not make sense to her point of view. An example of such tradition would be chinese women should only be married to chinese men discriminating other races. This gets a lot of tension in the family and would have caused the failure of her past relationships with other asians. She currently work as a teacher in a local university. She dreams of being an ambassador for Unicef or UN and pursue his passion of helping the next generation of Citizens. She would love to have her own children one day but time is against her as she would be celebrating his first birthday outside the calendar days.

Alex Fonacier

I am a nationalistic governor of a province in Luzon. I want our beloved country, the Philippines to prosper. Filipinos become poorer and poorer each day and the rich becomes richer each day. It seems that there is no end to this vicious cycle. I need to take matters into my own hands. Increasing population is the biggest problem in our country perpetrated by the priests who are always against artificial population control. This is my motivation for passing my personal bill to only have one kid per family and rest will be killed if you violate my law. I got to do and make the tough decisions to make this happen.

I gave strict instructions to kill each one like a ritual of first stabbing the stomach, mutilating the face, then cutting their genitals, slicing & dicing their arms and legs before finishing off with a stab to the heart. I enjoy the blood bath and this grows on you like a drug addict. This is the start of the purging of the Filipino race and sends a clear message that if you have one more than one kid the rest will be sacrificed for a higher cause.


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