Is Rommel Indaflor-Brass the First Pinoy to ever climb Mount Everest?


In one of my Romi Garduce’s post in climbing Mt. Everest, there was a pinoy_kiwi person who left a comment on my blog that Rommel Indaflor-Brass first climbed Mt. Everest last April 21, 2003. He is a half-Filipino half-NZealander and the anonymous comment was originated from New Zealand. We checked in with Mt. Everest Authorities and Jeevan ( confirmed that there has been NO Filipino yet that has climbed the great mountain. I’ve googled the person’s name but apparently no luck as well. So as a last ditch of effort, I’m creating a post here as a cry for help to whoever has information and who can verify Rommel Indaflor-Brass achievement. The intent is to give credit where credit is due and so that when Romi climbed Everest next year, we can properly claim it as probably the first natural born Filipino to ever climbed Everest.


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