Pinoy 2.0 Meme-Map


These meme maps were started by Tim O’reilley What is Web 2.0 meme-map and Peter Forret started to develop a meme-map generator. Here is the link to the Meme-Map Generator. This is a “draft” blue-print of the game plan to develop the next generation of Filipinos who would become the next superpower in the knowledge driven global economy. I know its quite heavy but I started to think how I will bring up my son Aidan to help the Philippines in the future. Maybe you can help me out with this and let me know if you have ideas in mind on how we can develop the Pinoy 2.0.


2 thoughts on “Pinoy 2.0 Meme-Map

  1. there is a talk at MIT..u can view it online..
    The title is ‘flat world’. it detail how country like Philippines can lead the new world by utilizing technology. It is a 70 mins speech..i forgot the name of the speaker but it is really good.

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