New Filipino Altitude Record Set by Romi for Climbing Mt. Cho Oyu @ 26,000ft (8200m)


The Amazing Race for the first Filipino to ever set foot on Everest!!

Romi Garduce, have set the new altitude record last September 26, 10:30AM Nepal Time by climbing Mt. Cho Oyu, the 6th Highest mountain. This record give the title to the first Filipino to reach an 8200m (26,000 ft) peak — also known as the death zone. Just to give you a perspective how high is this and how significant is this achievement:

  • Romi’s last climb was Mt. Aconcaqua at 6962m (22,800ft) set the record for the first Filipino to climb the highest peak in the western hemisphere last January 2005.
  • The Philippine Mt. Everest Expedition Team (FPMEE) led by Regie Pablo climb Mt. Muztagh Ata located between Pakistan and China at 7,546 meters (24,758ft) last August 2005.
  • Mt. Everest altitude is 8850m (29,035ft)

One more climb in summer next year and Everest here we come. We are sooo proud of you Romi and thank you for making us Filipino proud that we can accomplish this feat! I’m expecting alot of politics surrounding this first Filipino to ever set foot on Everest. I do hope that other companies would already support him after this Mt. Cho Oyu conquest, or each Filipino should contribute to his Climb-for-a-Cause Foundation.

Now, who are you betting on to be the first Filipino to climb Mt. Everest — Romi from P&G or Reggie from Globe/FPMEE? BTW, Happy Birthday Romi!!


About Philippine Mt. Everest Expedition Team
The well funded (FPMEE) everest team is composed of Regie Pablo (Globe Telecoms), Leo Oracion, Karina Dayondon, Levi Nahayangan, Ariel Ambaye, Erwin “Pastour” Emata, expedition physician Dr. Ted Esquerra with FPMEE leader Art Valdez. The team’s recent conquests of Mt. Aylmer in New Zealand and the Kiyonang Peak of India, and recently Mt. Muztagh Ata in Pakistan and China. Their ultimate goal is to climb the summit of Mt. Everest in 2007. The team is supported by Globe International Services, Philippine Airlines, ABS-CBD, The North Face, Philippine Accident Manager’s Insurance and the National Sports Grill.

About Romi Garduce

Romi is an IT manager in P&G with a passion to be the first Filipino to climb Everest. His previous mountain conquests are: Mt Uhuru, Kibo Crater, Kilimanjaro (5895m/19400ft) East Africa. Sep 2002, Mt Aconcagua (6962m/22,842ft), Andean Range, Argentina. Jan 1, 2005, and recently Mt. Cho Oyu (8000m/26000ft), Nepal, Sept. 26, 2005. He is just supported by North Face and his Climb for a Cause foundations either Bukas Sarili or Cartwheel Foundation. He funds his trips using his personal funds and his P&G manager, Mr. Greg Dawes, fully supports his passion.

5 thoughts on “New Filipino Altitude Record Set by Romi for Climbing Mt. Cho Oyu @ 26,000ft (8200m)

  1. Well, this is indeed something to cheer about para sa lahat ng mga pinoy. The PMEE is trying to keep mum about this achievement and won’t even allow posting about this milestone. Congratulations to Romi and wishing him a safe journey back home.

  2. First pinoy in Everest….done. Rommel Indaflor-Brass. Mum a filipina and dad is a kiwi. Did it on April 21, 2003.

  3. interesting. technically he would be a pinoy — you’re right. How can I validate this? I tried to google the name but nothing comes up. Maybe if you would have a picture to share, it would be great.

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