Where will you be this coming Long 1 Week Vacation?


***UPDATE  9/22/11: The Balesin island cannot be visited anymore and membership will by invitation only. The island is now owned by Alphaland Corporation. ***


As a traveller, you look forward to these weekend holidays and I would like to remind you of the fantastic opportunity of a week long vacation this coming Halloween. Let me refresh you regarding the upcoming holidays:

October 31, Monday (Special Non-Working Holiday) Proclamation #839
November 1, Tuesday (All Saints’ Day), National Special Day
November 3, Thursday (Eidl Feitre, Last Day of Ramada), regular holiday
You just need to take a leave on November 2, and November 5 which are sandwich days and there’s your 9days vacation for you.

so, Where will you be this coming long weekend vacation? Let me offer you my options:

1. Explore the places I longed to go to Guimaras, Balesin, Sagada, Coron, or Bohol.
2. Complete Viaje del Sol: the San Pablo, Laguna and Tiaong, Quezon exploration
3. Culinary Escapades in Tagaytay and Laguna.
4. Finally go to the Pinatubo Spa and explore Mt. Pinatubo.
5. Redesign my blog and apply the techniques learned to optimize search engine results for my blog.
6. Trick or Treat Halloween in Ferndale, and visit our love ones in the cemetary.
7. Complete Christmas Shopping in a week!
8. Since manila will be empty, play badminton, eat in new restos, and just hang out with friends.

I have not decided yet, and maybe you can share your plans as well…


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