Is Rommel Indaflor-Brass the First Pinoy to ever climb Mount Everest?


Everest , there was a pinoy_kiwi person who left a comment on my blog that Rommel Indaflor-Brass first climbed Mt. … So as a last ditch of effort, I’m creating a post here as a cry for help to whoever has information and who can verify Rommel Indaflor-Brass achievement. The intent is to give credit where credit is due and so that when Romi climbed Everest next year, we can properly claim it as probably the first natural born Filipino to ever climbed Everest.

Som’s Noodle House – cheap authentic version of SukhoThai

I’ve decided to check out Som’s Noddle House instead of going to the World’s longest dinner buffet in Eastwood ( and the World’s most unsatisfied guests – I’m glad 🙂 Then, the next day, I also checked out SukhoThai in Megamall which is one of our favorites but we heard that it will be closing shop soon (hopefully just a rumor).
…Of course, I would think there would be a difference if you eat in the morning or if you eat at night in Som’s Noddle House since you might get the freshness of cooked food during lunch.
…I like them both but the Som’s curry is home made and if not for my sore throat I would order the chili one which I heard is really chili 🙂 My wife likes the SukhoThai version better while the Som’s taste was forgettable.

8 Essential Blog Tune-up Tips


I’m trying to read 100+ blogs and I just scan the headings and click the ones that is interesting for me or if it appears a couple of times in a number of blogs. … Also when I visit a blog I first check out who the person is, and what are the things that he/she writes and the quality of writing based on the latest posts. So ensure that you have a Favorite posts link list, refer to your past posts via linking to them in your latest posts, or resurrect them by re-posting them again and updating them after a few months.

Hierarchy of a Technology Freak


As I was taking a picture of all my travel gadgets and writing my inaugural post in about Photo Backup , I was scared that I was a gadget technofreak but I also realized that there is a higher level that one transcends to.
…I’ve seen a lot of these in the corporate setting where an executive even refused to use a laptop or delegates all his technology-related activities to his admin assistant.
…You start to explore to keep your ideas in a moleskine journal instead of a PDA, you start to backup your digital photos by printing photo arts / mosaics, you start to value antique technology (Nokia 2100, toy cameras, old photographs ) and you are attracted to film based photography like lomography.

How much are the pinoy blogs worth?


Just for the fun, I was curious to know how much the popular pinoy blogs would be worth based on Tristan Louis’ valuation methodology using the AOL-Weblogs Inc. allegedly $ 25 Million deal and technorati metrics. Nathan Weinberg also made a benchmark value of his favorite blogs based on $564 per inbound link (based on technorati )
… Check out How Much is your Blog Worth?

“Pinoy 2.0”: The next generation of Global Filipinos


I was inspired by the book 12 Little Things every Filipino can do to Help their Country (Alexander Lacson) and I want to push the concept on what Filipinos can do in a flattened Web 2.0 world (with a little effort of course). I truly believe that if we leverage on our Filipino strengths, learn breakthrough ideas in a flattened world, and develop our capabilities in Web 2.0 emerging trends, then we will become a super power in the knowledge-driven global arena.
…The next generation of software can best be experienced if you are using the following: Flickr / Buzznet for your photo sharing, BitTorrent for multimedia content, Wikipedia for your research, Google Maps for best AJAX experience, Typepad / Blogger / Wordpress for your business or personal sites, for your bookmarks, technorati / pub sub to be in touch with the world’s conversations and 43Things / 43People / 43Places for your desires and goals in life.

Guide to Trekking Up to the Taal Volcano – world’s smallest volcano!

4 hours of morning free time + gorgeous smiling weather + guts and stamina for a 40 mins. hike + P1,600 for the boat ride and buko juice 🙂 I would like to share with you a best approach on exploring taal volcano island which is an island within a lake.
…We also tried the cool beer for P50/bottle 🙂 Well, you can bring your own water, or juice and buy them on your way up, it’s cheaper to buy it from the foot of the island or in Tagaytay.
… When you are on top, don’t limit yourself to the nipa hut, you can wonder to a higher point where you can see the beauty of the lake in full view from another vantage point (see leftmost above photo).

Taal Volcano Crater Experience!

The mirror lake entices you to come down and flirts with you to hike further down a 1 hour path to the crater lake. … You can feel and see the awesome power of the volcano with its steamy rocks and vents that oozes out with white smoke just patiently waiting for the perfect time to erupt.
I’ll be sharing with you more postcards shots of the Taal Volcano and will share in a separate posts on what does it take to get to this place.