Imagine how close Mt. Cho Oyu is to Mt. Everest already.


Among mountaineers, Mt. Cho Oyu is a preparatory for Mt. Everest and if you are successful in the 8000m altitude or popularly known as the death zone, then you will be ready for Mt. Everest for the last 900m altitude difference. For those just tuning in to this blog, I’ve been following closely Romi’s Mt. Cho Oyu climb and started to blog about it.

Not a lot of people are interested about it, but climbing Mt. Everest and to be the first Filipino to ever set foot in the great mountain and come back alive is a different story. I’ve been playing about google earth lately and if you draw a straightline between Mt. Cho Oyu’s peak and Mt. Everest, it is just 20miles ( I wish it could be that easy :). Anyway, enjoy the satellite image and here are the links about Romi’s Mt. Cho Oyu climb:

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