Sick, Crashed and Lost (Aargh!)


I can’t believe it that all these things are happening to me all at once. I thought bad luck comes in three’s but I’m on my fourth and I don’t know when will it end! I bet you nobody could top these things that are happening to me all at once within just five days!

1). It started last Thursday, when I got sick with Coughs & Colds coupled with a painful infection in my jaw that permeates to my teeth. It was soo painful that I had to take a leave on Friday and missed a lot of my office commitments and what should have been Aidan’s first Halloween Trick or Treat in the office.

2). Also, on Thursday, my wind was focused so much on the pain, I lost the keys to my Honda CRV. I had to take a taxi to Ortigas for my appointment and get the spare key from my Dad. In my life, this is the first time I lost a key to a car and I’m pretty sure I left it on a taxi when I went to the doctor to have my infection checked.

3). Sandara, my tablet PC, crashed on me last Saturday! Yes, my favorite PC loaded with a lot of my data accumulated over the years is dead! I was spending the entire Sunday trying to revive her to the best of my abilities but I was able to get the critical files I needed (password file, quicken finances file, and the google earth Philippine virtual tour file I was doing when it crashed) Most of the photos, I was able to backup in Angelika, my ipod.

4). Today, our maid lost the keys to our condo unit — my worst nightmare! It would mean that I would have to replace my P7,000 worth of double lock or add an additional lock. My wife and I have been protecting these keys even since we transferred and cannot imagine the thought of losing these keys. We are now paranoid that it was an orchestrated attack on our family. Just this morning, something was calling and when we answered, the person on the other would put down the phone as if checking if somebody is in the house. We missed another opportunity for Aidan to go on a trick or treat in Bel air 🙁

I’m afraid that this is not the end but at least so far no life threatening situation happened and I still have my family and this blog 🙂


6 thoughts on “Sick, Crashed and Lost (Aargh!)

  1. you’ll live.
    as with the last paragraph in your entry, there are things worth more being happy about. and that we should be thankful for.
    have a great week ahead!

  2. @daniel — thanks for the note. I was able to recover all my data! It was just a systems crash and not a HD crash so whew… I lived after all.
    @Brobo – I rearranged na the house so hopefully good feng shei na.

  3. Hi Anton,
    So sorry to hear about your “Sick,Crash,Lost” events you had there last week!! We have all been there, just thanked God that you r okay, family is doing well. Get a new maid…just kidding! hahaha
    Have super week Anton, and take care!

  4. I’ve recovered already, changed the double lock in our door, revived my data, and recovered from my sickness. The only sad thing is that my son was not able to go to any hollyween trick or treat event 🙁 could have been an awesome photo treat.

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