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One of the interesting group I started to get involve in is the Ang Bagong Pinoy founded by Ernesto “Boogie” Boydon inspired by the “12 Little Things every Filipino can do for their Country” by Alex Lacson.

Ang Bagong Pinoy is an online community of Filipinos all over the world seeking to build a better Philippines by starting with themselves, one Filipino at a time. It aims to recover, nurture and advance the Filipino identity, promote good citizenship, and inspire in the Filipino the love, pride, and appreciation of his Filipino identity. Ang Bagong Pinoy will dedicate the Filipino identity for the spiritual, cultural, social, and economic advancement of the Filipino nation. If you share the same ideal please join

This is the right time to join and be part of the first Grand EB on Nov. 11. See more info @


10 thoughts on “Ang Bagong Pinoy Grand EB

  1. unfortunately, the only way is to join the e-group and read through if you have time the messages in the past. Boogie is planning to update the website soon which would contain information about this group. I’ll let you know more info also after the EB 🙂

  2. Hi anton, do you have the number of mr. boogie boydon? thanks Mr. Beltran is asking if we could invite him for Straigt Talk. thanks

  3. helo am just asking if there is a plan of the bagong pinoy org. to put up a satellite organization here in sure many people would care to join especially people who loves our country..count me in! i watched straight talk often and the topic about the bagong pinoy organization caught my attention..change is a pre-requisite to have a better political system.thanks

  4. i 4got to mention dat i believe in this organization and that it may bring some hope in this somber system of our country..i quote that “We must think first about our duty than our rights”..thanks a lot

  5. T watched Straight Talk of Cito Beltran yesterday and Boogey was one the guests. I like your advocacy and I like to help. There is now a group called Butuan Foundation Forum organized by Butuanons from the US. They have similar missions but more for Butuan. If you are interested, please get in touch with Rey Seneres Cell no. 09179008826. They can help propagate your ideals. Thanks and more power.

  6. Hi, I’m from Olongapo and we had a group here named ANG PAG-ASA AT KINABUKASAN FOUNDATION an N.G.O it aims to uplift the life of every poor filipino by providing litiracy program,livelihood etc.. i’ve heard about the group of Mr.Bogie Boydon how can i contact him so we can link up his group to our group.

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