Can you share a secret place or experience in the Philippines?


Most of the stuff that I post here in my blog come from raves of people about the great experiences they have or secret places or personal scoop on the Philippines. I’ve never run out of ideas, places and restos to visit and the Philippines never fails to surprise me in a lot of ways. I’ve never hesitated to share this secret out in my blog and it would be our secret 🙂 I’m never fond of places that are hyped up or the mainstream restaurants because they are already there and a lot of people knows about it. I’m looking for virgin places, places or restos yet to be discovered, experiences that makes you happy.

Everyone has their own secret place, experience or personal scoop about the Philippines. Can you share it with us?


7 thoughts on “Can you share a secret place or experience in the Philippines?

  1. Hmmm, here are two nearby places under the culture and heritage category that tops my list:
    1. The province of Pampanga- so close yet so new an experience. And better yet, its so convenient it can be done in a day! We once did a road trip exploring the different towns and their marvelous churches (Apalit, Betis etc) We walked (and sneaked in!) the historic homes of San Fernando. Ate, ‘tugak’ (frogs!), kamaru (locusts!), pako (ferns) and adobong pato (a native duck). Had our hearts sank when we saw the lahar-buried town of Bacolor.
    2. San Miguel de Mayumo, Bulacan- this Kapampangan speaking Bulakenyo province is a cultural gem. It can give Vigan a run for her money with her well-preseved and (dare I say!) more aesthetically flambouyant historic homes! Food is absolutely divine (Chicken in alibangbang leaves is heavenly!) and the fascinating crafts are one-of-a kind. This is town who turns an ordinary pastillas wrapper into an artistic paper cut or have a boring little fruit morph into an exquisite piece of sculpture!
    Not so much of a secret but my favorite too..
    1. Batad Rice Terraces/Sagada
    2. Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte
    3. the Lake Laguna towns

  2. @Aldrin– thanks for the tip on Chocolate Kiss. Will try it out.
    @Ivan — You know what? I was looking for a culinary tour of Pampanga at the same time explore the various gems in pampanga but can’t find one till now. This province has been on my list, but I guess you just need to do it on your own.
    Interesting San Miguel Payumo, Bulacan… Now, that’s worth a trip there. We’ll check it out. Is there any specific resto to visit there?

  3. Hi anton!
    Have you heard about vegetarian resto in QC called Greens?
    The food and ambiance is good and its not pricey.
    Here’s the address
    92 Scout Castor St.
    Quezon City.
    Tel # 415-4796

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  5. ang mga filipinos ay dapat matutong huwag mag intriga ng personalan dapat non personnal ang mga intrigahan to spare the BEAUTIFUL other philippine cultures mag aral na maging intellectual at medyo scientific ang facts and not mean complex sounding o ang dating kasi it cheapens the other good decent filipino way of life……
    ‘field picnic’
    beautiful sunny saturday morning when i first woke up outside my condominium is a clear blue sky where wind blows-carries the smell of the corn-fruit orchards above my windows i saw friendly looking couples farming next to their open ‘DAMPA’ bahay kubo i greeted them yelling ‘magandang umaga po’ they smiled-waved back at me so i yelled again ‘LET’S HAVE A PARTY’in your bahay kubo that looks so cute-romantic i sent a family helper to take them shopping for all the food-drinks etc after inviting all families-children in the neighborhood by 12:00 noon everybody is having a blasts from the surprise lechon-menudo-barbeques-fried chicken- vegetables-fresh fruits and some garden produce the music was wholesome and every children was kid wild dancing-playing i opened a thought provoking topics to spice up the adults and it turn wild LOL! some surprising ‘personnal secrets came out open{was funny]LOL! we ran out of food so ‘high tech’ cell phone helped
    i ordered more family size packed chinese foods-drinks and that chinese food was the greatest taste i have tasted the compliments turned to laughters because my school mate owns it NOW a’free credit lines’for the neighborhood parties LOL! i warned them NO!NO!NO! only in my visits.
    we all learned secrets that maybe too much to know but it was hilarious naudlot na ‘love affairs’by some. children were scolded for pulling unripe corns in the fields some corns was already boiled and being sold as we adults are laughing about newly found ‘secrets’LOL!
    children made money as we party….that’s called ‘early entrepreneurships LOL! we left their dampa happy-satisfied-more knowledgeable ‘than we should’just before a lovely orange-red sunset sets in…..

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