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This store has been in operation for 5 years, and going strong with a loyal following of its yummy P40 chinese lumpia. This is an oriental store that serves canteen style chinese food with lumpia as the “killer” food that draws dine in and take out guests. This is my first time (can you imagine that) to visit this store which my wife’s family raves about because of its assortment of oriental goodies and seasoning. Although, according to my wife, her grandmother’s lumpia is still a lot better and more delicious than the Little Store’s version. Here is a peak at the Little Store in Greenhills.

Oriental goodies all around when you enter. You can find mostly asian goodies from China, Thailand, etc.

Aside from the Chinese Lumpia, all the other food are not worth mentioning but if you are on a tight budget then its OK. I was disappointed with the congee which is actually lugaw. Just for the record, my wife did not like any of the food at all.

The dining area with self service water station and seasoning selections.

The superstar lumpia! You got to try it if you have not tasted it yet.



Little Store on the Hill
2 Jose Abad Santos st.
Little Baguio, San Juan
721.9174 | 721.2359

8 thoughts on “[Unique Stores.3] The Little Chinese Store

  1. What an awesome series this is, Anton! Kudos to you. I’ve never been to the Little Store, but if I’m not mistaken, they also have a branch near Granada called The Little Big Store. Personally, I wouldn’t go all that way for the lumpia, since the one at the Saturday Salcedo market is just as good, if not better — and bigger!

  2. A slice of Binondo on the hills of San Juan. For the record, they do serve some of the noddle dishes w/c youd be hard pressed to find even in Binondo. Havent tasted their lumpia though…always had them in Binondo. ;o)
    If you dont want to the hassle of going to Chinatown, then this place is a nice stopover.

  3. this is a “copycat” of Ang Tunay Beef House in Gandara st in binondo where food is much better and cheaper.

  4. they use old unsold vegetables for their lumpia. ask around among the chinese residents there. everyone knows, so no one buys.

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