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I Love You Store – 1, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

This quaint basement store along Makati Avenue is a hidden gem in Makati. Carlos had a short but interesting post on the I Love You store and we pass by at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon. They are selling very unique and beautiful clothes that my wife did not hesitate to try on. What surprises me is that they sell vintage stuff, including lomo cameras. We also had a chance to meet Sharon who is one of the wundergirls and she played with Aidan using a mechanical jumping frog (how cool). Highly recommended shop as long as you have cash or check to pay for the unique finds.

There is a certain thrill when you go here for the first time. As you enter the door, it leads you to a basement staircase and you see beautiful graffiti’s on the wall that communicates a vintage vibe. Visiting this store is an experience in itself, and I’m sure there are a lot of people visiting here at night given the Government crowd next store (very strategic).

My wife carefully checking out each of the dress and blouses in the store.

This is setup as a dresser with an old chair and nice dresser cabinets.

My wife loved this black dress by Kate Toralba and the price was “Ouch”. If this store accepted credit card, we would have bought this dress on impulse. It has a nice dressing area conforming to the entire theme of the store and I had fun taking shots with my wife as the model. Finally, a photo with wundergirl Sharon and Danielle who is the manager of the store 🙂 Lovely down-to-earth people 🙂 Rache also loved the yellow dress in the group photo 🙂

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I Love You Store
7849 Underground Pilar Place, Makati Avenue
Tue-Wed-Thurs-Sunday 2pm to 10pm
Friday & Saturday 2pm to 1am
Inquiries: +63 917 8983036


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