[Unique.Stores.5] Exciting Vintage Shopping @ Marni’s Room


Maarni’s Room – 11, originally uploaded by antondiaz.

This vintage shopping trend was started by the
I love You Store and I’m now sharing another secret Vintage shopping place called Marni’s Room. This is the fifth in the series of unique stores in Manila, and we loved this store even though most of the stuff are pre-owned, some are on consignment basis. The fashion dresses are carefully selected by designer Louis Caparol and his business partner Bobby Carlos ( thanks to Jenni Epperson’s Shopper Keeper article for the lead on this) . Louis is very hospitable and you can really take time selecting the dresses, and to top it off he serves drinks sometimes beer if you go late at night or “early” in the morning. This redefines the concept of a shopping gimmick. So where is this place? Who is Marni?

There is no sign going to this place and you need to set an appointment anyway before you go. You actually enter the small grey gate on the right most side of the photo above beside the Mabini Medical Clinic. When we saw this gate in Malate, we were quite intrigue by the treasure that awaits us in Louis’ pad. The exact place is @ 1946 Agoncillo St in Malate, in between Quirino avenue and Remedios St; and parallel near leon guinto / taft avenue.

For those of you wondering (which included me), who is Marni, she is the dog of Louis. She was very friendly to the point that Aidan was able to play with her without fear. Marni even kissed Aidan as shown in the photo above and it was lovely to see Aidan loved to play with dogs and was not fearful of them.

The dress outside the room are 50% off because they are old stocks while the dress inside is worth your time to explore. They have a website where they post all their latest finds so you can check it out here –> www.picturetrail.com/marnisroom. The vintages finds are truly a treasure that you should keep once you find it. I should just say that we loved this store that much that I had the passion to blog about this promising shop.

Vintage Bags Galore (if you are into these things)!

Here is Louis Caparol playing with Aidan 🙂 I now leave you with an Interesting saying located on the floor of the changing room.

OK, I don’t want to spoil you next shopping adventure @ Marni’s room, so here are more information about this secret shopping place. BTW, they give 10% discount to all first time shoppers.

Marni’s Room
Louis Caparol (+63927) 739-5925
Bobby Carlos (+63917) 388-8918
1946 Agoncillo St in Malate, in between Quirino and Remedios St.


3 thoughts on “[Unique.Stores.5] Exciting Vintage Shopping @ Marni’s Room

  1. hey there! cool blog! like you guys, my girlfriend and i are food and unique clothing store adventurers! hehe.. wish we could’ve joined you there at batangas! oh well, maybe next time..
    anyway, have you checked out this store called TONIC inside Astoria in Oritgas? it’s mainly for guys, but there’s also a store for your wife just before it (forgot the name).. be sure your credit card’s not maxed out though.. there’s also this store called KOLORETE in Timog Avenue.. this one’s for your wife (although, you can find some stuff for you too!).. it’s in the row of stores found behind a Ponciana’s Restaurant there, across Off The Grill.
    also, have you tried this little restaurant called AOLI near E.Rodriguez? Nice place, nice low-priced food, in a home-style setting.. and BLUE BACON AND GREEN EGGS in Lantana Street in New Manila.. great food, although a bit pricey..
    well, thanks again for the great info.. my girlfriend will be surprised when we go to Vieux Chalet on sunday night! (would that be a great time though?) we’re both “Vieux Chalet Virgins”.. any suggestions on what to order? hehe..

  2. @ Ry: That store before TONIC inside Astoria is called ISHQ. =) Interesting finds from various young designers.

  3. Does Marni’s accept credit cards? I’ve always seen their products featured in magazines but I haven’t gotten around to checking out the place.

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