Santa Claus Police: A Different View of Christmas


Where in Manila can you find this Mr. Santa Pulis?

I was blown away with a different view of Christmas the other night. We were invited to judge the Manila Police District’s Christmas Decorations in the District and Stations in Manila as part of our Manila Jaycees project. We visited all the 11 police stations in Manila from Malate to Tondo and you will be humbled with how lucky are we to celebrate Christmas with our family and in peace. I appreciate more the work of our Manila police of trying their very best to protect us from lawless elements and on guard 24×7 for any eventualities. I saw the human side of the Police who prays that nobody gets hurt when there is a rally or pray that it would rain which is a proven deterrent for violent rallies.

The eventual winner of the MPD Christmas Decorations is Police Station 6 in Sta. Ana besides the Sta. Ana Church where you would see this Mr. Santa Claus police dancing while equipped with all the necessary police equipment. He protects the children from harm and locks up lawless element to make sure that we have a happy and blessed Christmas. Inside the station, you can see the inmates in their crowded cell and it is very hard to look them straight into the eye with a prejudice look or a sympathetic glance.

It makes me appreciate that I get to celebrate Christmas with my family happily and safely.


One thought on “Santa Claus Police: A Different View of Christmas

  1. ‘ton,
    Great blog, man! I always enjoy reading the stuff you publish although I must say it makes me miss the motherland so much more.
    I wanted to ask you though if you know of a sports bar in the greater metro area which televises american sports via satellite.
    UsC and U of Texas will be playing for the national championship on the 4th of Jan at the Rose Bowl but at which time I will still be in Manila
    spending the holidays.
    I appreciate it very much if you could shed light on this matter.
    Thanks again, Anton, and Wishing you and your family a very merry and safe holiday season.

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