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Finally, a third option for a Karaoke Gimmick aside from Red Box and Music 21! I was excited to hear this and it is located @ Promenade in Greenhills, so we sing our hearts out on Christmas Day with our cousins. It boast of high end facilities (LCD Plasma Screen TV and BePro Double Speakers for resonant acoustics) at competitive prices of P85/hour. What I love about it is that the food is great a lot better than Red Box and Music 21, the room acoustics are great, and the price for a gimmick would be P550/person including food and the room rental. What I hate about the place, is that the rooms are a lot smaller than Red Box (for a 10 person room, there is no room to dance which is critical); the sound proofing of the rooms was not done very well (people can here you even if the door is closed or even more if it is opened); and lastly, the songs are still not updated like you cannot find all the songs of eraser heads (only 3 songs), or songs of cueshe or other of the popular pinoy bands. But of course, Pinoy Ako (theme song of Pinoy Big Brother) is available which is now part of any Karaoke repertoire 🙂

There are three (3) rooms that you should consider when reserving in World Music Room.

  • Room 19- good for 20-25 people with two plasma TVs, a piano (you can rent a pianist for P1,500) and a patio with a view of the Greenhills. It is a non-smoking room and they have a party package that comes with a buffet and 3 hour use of the rooms for P500+.
  • Room 18- good for 15-20 people with standard amenities but with a patio also and it is a non-smoking room.
  • Room 15- good fro 10-15 people with standard amenities but with a patio also and it is a non-smoking room.

They have ongoing promotions now:

  • Sing All Night Long (P249++/head) from Sunday to Tuesday.
  • Happy Hour Promo (P299++/head) consumable with a free use of the room from 3pm-7pm
  • Lunch Promo of purchase any Rice Toppings or Main Dish / head and get free use of room from 12nn-3pm

Our first hour is spent on eating dinner. The Tuna Sisig (P180) was great, as well as the Shrimp Dumpling (Hakaw) (P80). Nachos (P165) and French Fries (P120) are relatively expensive but served in a nice way that you don’t feel your eating junk food. The Tuna/Pork Sisig, Pasta, Rice Toppings, and Salads are all line priced at P180 so stick to those meals. Anything more than P200, you would be better off eating in some place else.

“Birit Time” — Don’t get intimidated with the hi-tech karaoke system. It takes a few minutes to get used to the controls. My suggestion is once you get in, you start with the Lupang Hinirang and immediately load the play list from the Most Requested Song Lists. Select 3 for Categories and then 1 for the Most Requested Songs. My brother thought we won’t be able to finish three hours which is the break even point between the P249++ flat rate/ head vs. P85/head/hour rate. Three hours of singing just went by with a breeze since they have most of the classic songs and the new foreign songs in the play list. We just regret they don’t have even just the complete songs of Eraser Heads!

The room is narrow so there is no room for dancing only this space near the door.

After four hours of singing, you can start to see mixed faces from the stoic face, to the yawning face, to the singing-along face, to the not-interested-anymore face, to the pinoy idol face. Time to go once you see these.

Thanks to Brobo for treating us the whole night long! We ended up with P550, I think per person and we satisfied our karaoke craving and had fun on Christmas Night!

World Music Room KTV
Promenade Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center,
San Juan, Metro Manila
email: wmrlounge@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “Test Drive of World Music Room @ Promenade

  1. You mean to say that IO KTV was never one of the Videoke places you’ve visited? The food there is better than the food in Red Box although mas marami nga lang atang new songs in Red Box. Pero I think ambience-wise mas gusto ko ang IO. I will try out this World Music Room some time.

  2. Oo nga, How could I forget IO… I thought it was closed already that’s why I did not include it anymore… Ambiance wise, IO looks old and not maintained plus if you want additional gimmick you need to go to bring a car… not sure if IO would survive though.

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