[World Pyro Series.1] Awesome World Class Fireworks!


Where can you find the fireworks of 10 nations all in one venue? Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, Only here in the Philippines and it would be sad if you miss even just one of these 5 day World Pyro Olympics event in the Esplanade (formerly Promenade), in the Bay City Central Business Park, Pasay City. It is like the Y2K Fireworks experts of China, Australia, US, Russia, Korea, Germany, South Africa, UK, UAE and the Philippines all in a spectacular five-day show. Day 1 has been the show of China and Australia, and watching the Australia fireworks show is literally ground shaking and the entire dark sky is lit up in one spectacular colorful painting of light. After watching this, the Ayala Mall Fireworks would be a cheap baby version of these fireworks. Literally you would hear aahhs, and oohhs, in the crowd and at first I was not doing it, but the Australia show was so spectacular that the oohhs and aahhs just comes out of your mouth.

I encourage you to go even just to support Philippines on the last day Friday. I’ll share with you some tips on how to get the best experience and you’ll be glad you read this before going…

The best strategy is to walk and park your car along Diosdado Macapagal Blvd. The fireworks start 7.30pm and 9:00pm, although during the first day, it was late for 30 minutes. I would suggest that you eat early dinner @ Seaside Macapagal Blvd by 6pm and start walking by 7.00pm to the Esplanade. From the Seaside Macapagal Blvd, just go past the bridge and turn right all the way to Esplanade. The weather is cool so no problem with walking as long as you are with a good company. By 7pm, traffic is worse already going into all routes leading to the Esplanade so take this into consideration.

BTW, there is a P100 entrance fee to the event. So if you decide to watch all the shows, P500 worth of world class fireworks is more than worth it. However, I would suggest that you take your video camera to capture the spectacular event. For me and my brothers, we took this rare opportunity to learn fireworks photography and I’ll share with you my photos in the next post. You can buy the entrance fee at the gate or you can buy them in all Jollibee outlets for P125 with free Jollibee regular yum.

There are food booths inside include Jollibee, barbeque and pizza stalls but the lines is soo long so it is recommended to eat first. Also, there are only portalets available so go to the toilet first before going and minimize your water in take.

You won’t be bored waiting because I was surprised that not only known local bands (Orange and Lemons, Imago, etc.) are playing to keep the audience entertained but also circus and acrobatic shows for the kids. Once you are in Esplanade, there are enough space for you to move and enjoy the two stage areas they setup. There are a lot of Photographers in the area, so tripods, video cameras, and SLRs are all over the place. I do hope that the security is beefed up so that no untoward incidents happen during the five days.

Just some final words, if you are thinking of a christmas reunion or bonding session, consider World Pyro Olympics within this week as your venue and you won’t regret it. We all enjoyed, but it is a plus if you are a photographer because, the thrill of capturing that perfect fireworks photo is enough for you to payout your P100 entrance fee.

Things to bring: Camera, Digital Camera, Tripod, Recharged Batteries, Jacket / umbrella, and Good Company 🙂


7 thoughts on “[World Pyro Series.1] Awesome World Class Fireworks!

  1. The fireworks display sound so intriguing. If it’s not too much trouble, would it be possible to ask for directions on how to get there if I come from Quirino? Thanks!

  2. Hi Anton,
    I am a member of skyscrapercity forum and i am planning to use some of your photos and show everyone those awesome shots if you wouldn’t mind. i’ll put your name on it as credit tho. but i will hotlink the photos to your side. or would you charge for that? hehe…can i also have a the complete version of the Finale photos you got? hope it would not be much trouble on you dude. By the way, i’m francis, a trying hard amateur photo hobbyist…but my minolta cam broke off so i was not able to get a single shot of the fireworks. too bad. see you dude!

  3. Those are some amazing fireworks. The show I went to this past July 4th was pretty awesome, too. I was right underneath them!

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