Watching Metro Manila Film Fest @ Promenade, Greenhills


Christmas Day in our family is a day of making our little cousins happy. It is usually spent in the malls and watching a Metro Manila Film Festival entry. We wanted to try out the new Promenade mall in Greenhills. On a usual day, this area is soo traffic specially during the Christmas season but we knew that Christmas day would be a lot better. I would say that Promenade made the usual gimmick in Greenhills more than just shopping but also eating (new restos), watching movies (added 3 new cinemas in Promenade), Fully Booked 🙂 and finally a new karaoke place (world music room)…

It was soo difficult to decide what movie to watch in this year’s Metro Manila Film Fest (MMF). Every Christmas (Dec. 25 to 1st Week of Jan), only entries to the MMF are shown in the cinemas. Each year, the choices are improving and we were torn between kids movie (Mulawin, Enteng Kabisote 2) or a horror movie (Kutob or Shake, Rattle & Roll) or comedy (Mano Po 4: Ako Legal Wife). Later we realized that the movies are randomly selected by each cinema by drawing lots. Unfortunately for us, Greenhills was not able to get Mulawin or Even Shake, Rattle & Roll so it was an easy decision to split the kids who wants to watch Enteng Kabisote and the big Kids watching a horror flick, Kutob. Interestingly, Exodus was not in our selection set and on hind sight, we should have watched Mano Po 4.

We watched Kutob because of my brother’s insistence since it was Ryan Agoncillo’s first movie (my brother’s kabarkada). Unfortunately for us, it was done in bad taste and we felt like rob of our money and precious christmas time with the kids (Jose Javier Reyes give us back our money!). The new theater in promenade, is very cozy where there are only a few spacious seats where the arm rest can be raised so that you can snuggle together with your companion. It was just soo cold when we watched should have brought our sweater or maybe it was just that the movie was so bad that it is so predictable, no plot, and not even scary. Really, it was a waste of our time! I’m glad we finished the night in the World Music Room (I’ll cover this in my next post).


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