Happy New Year! Our Awesome Planet Anniversary!!


After one year of blogging since my first post “Life and Death in 2005
After 236 blog posts with my best posts in Awesome Pilipinas category,
After surviving the blogger’s block and all the excuses for not blogging,
Finally, my first anniversary blog post on this new year’s day 2006!

I was blessed to be given the blog passion to share with you our family’s adventures in 2005.
I was blessed to be recognized and featured in Annalyn’s Blog-o-rama
I was blessed to be appreciated by one of my favorite bloggers Wysgal’s Favorite Blogs of 2005.
I was blessed to be part of Yuga’s Pinoy Tech, Pinoy Urban, and Pinoy Travel Blog Family.

Thank you for my avid readers and for sending me messages of appreciation — this further fuels my passion.
Thank you for the 200 unique visitors/ day to my blogs, I do hope that in one way or another I was able to help.
Thank you for fellow pinoy bloggers for the friendship online and for continuing to provide honest commentaries/ reviews.
Thank you to my wife who endured my first year of blogging and for starting to appreciate my passion.

I wish that someday Philippines would be a great nation that will rise above our south east asian friends.
I wish that Pinoys appreciate our country more and love it with all their hearts.
I wish that someday, I’ll be recognized as one of the best photo-bloggers in the Philippines.
I wish that we live our life in full and hopefully 2006 would be the start of living a life of health and fitness.

My family (Anton, Rache and Aidan) would like to greet you a blessed new year in 2006!


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Our Awesome Planet Anniversary!!

  1. anton, congrats on a great year of blogging! i’m always looking foward to your adventures. thanks for promoting the phils 🙂
    happy new year!

  2. Your website is awesome. I’m going back home to the Phils this month for a month vacation. It gave me a lot of ideas on how and where I’m gonna spend it. Thanks a lot.

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