[World Pyro Series.8] La Mancha’s Fellowship of Fire — Finale!


This firework scene makes it all worth it to see this hanging lanterns in the sky that lasts for 45 seconds (which is the longest fireworks we have seen!). Imagine the entire night sky, filled will all these dropping colorful balls of light for 45 seconds of pure fireworks bliss! This was really memorable for me and I think this is the start of my LOVE for fireworks photography! This is enough to erase the memories of enduring the stand-still traffic that lasted until 2am in the morning, listening to criticism that the Philippines show was just standard for most part compared to the other 9 countries, and watching in agony as some of the fireworks exploded in water.

By the way, this was shot by my brother as I was standing taking pictures of the fireworks. Thanks bro for this magnificent memorable shot! I leave you with some memorable photos from La Mancha’s Fellowship of Fire!

A Pot of Rainbow

Fellowship flowers

Shower of fireworks ribbon

45 seconds of falling lanterns

Fountain of Wishful Thinking


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  1. Hi anton! I’ve been an avid reader of your blog. Just want to ask if the General Viewing area would give that breathtaking views you have posted there. Im planning to tag my British friend along as a surprise for his visit here in the phils. Thanks much.

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