So Woo?


Single Meal of Bulgoki / Korean Traditional Bulgoki and Kimchi Fried Rice (P600).

Here is another recent discovery in my favorite Manila Bay place in Harbour Square. The place is called So Woo which means little cow in Korean. It is owned by Korean Ms. Danny Chong who is living in the Philippines for 10 years now. According to her, it was called little cow because it is unique and did you know that the beef of little cows are juicer and taste a lot better than big cows. The food tasted like the authentic Korean food similar to the authentic Korean restaurant we normally visit at the back of Barrio Fiesta along Makati Avenue (I can’t recall the Korean name). So Woo serves authentic Korean-style dishes and the owner is there to entertain the guest. They just opened last January 1, 2006.

I’ve been on my low carb vegetarian quest for 5 days now and we were looking for a vegetarian place. Surprisingly, we found it in this Korean place on the second floor of Harbour Square which boast of meat as their specialty . The Bulgoki is really good. The Kimchi Fried Rice is worth to try. The meal already has an iced tea and unlimited refill of the vegetables side dishes — woo hoo! The kim chi, spinach, squash omelette, mashed potato and onion leek salad was very good — fresh, crispy and tasty. I’ve finally found vegetarian heaven: Eat-all-you-can vegetables!

The Bulgoki is actually grilled and cooked in front of you with this secret sauce. It was a pleasing sight to have watched them cook it in front of you.

Likewise, the Kim Chi fried rice is just a combination of Korean Rice, cheese, Kim Chi and some seasonings.

Does this look yummy? If you are into KimChi, you should try this out — first time I’ve eaten such (only a little). Btw, this is also the first time that I’ve used a steel chopsticks to use — interesting discovery 🙂

Here is the Bulgoki finished product. The soup was soo good that I was almost tempted to eat the meat. My wife was happy finishing off all the bulgoki!

Ok, here is the traditional way of eating in Korean. It’s like eating peking duck but instead of a wrapper, you use lettuce vegetable. In the bed of lettuce, you put the sesame leaf and bulgoki, then put some onion leeks salad and the secret Sam Jang Sauce and Black Sauce. Don’t forget, to ask for the secret Korean Sauce.

If you decide to eat in So Woo, Make sure that there is an event in Harbour Square like the Jazz Festival. This is the view from the second floor of Soo Woo. You could actually enjoy and listen to the bands playing while enjoying your food in So Woo.

On cooler nights, it is best to eat outside of Soo Woo.

So Woo –Special Sirloin Steak
Unit 1203 Block 1 Building, Harbour Square, Pedro Bukaneg St.
CCP Complex, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel# +632 831 1316 or +632 551 6070


3 thoughts on “So Woo?

  1. oh so nice!
    so anton, what’s your favorite korean dish?
    as for me, i like samgyeopsal-gui (grilled side of pork). this one’s grilled then rolled on a lettuce or mint leaf with a bit of rice, soybean paste, garlic.
    nice pictures you got there…as always. i think the family had a great time.

  2. Very nice photos. I have also eaten at a Korean restaurant somewhere in Makati Avenue, though it’s not near Kamayan. I was surprised at the many small plates of tidbits that they kept refilling!
    Nice blog!

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