Shopping, Thai Massage and Amazing Thailand Subway!

I’m back again from another trip, but this time it was a business trip to Bangkok, Thailand. I was flabbergasted when I saw Bangkok now has their own Subway!! Can you believe it?! It looks like and feels like the subway of Singapore and it is designed for huge volume of people traffic. This is a good move specially to decongest the main streets of bangkok which reminds me of Avenida Ave. and Taft Avenue where the streets are narrow and MRT (metro rail transit) above the street. The subway was very convenient to move from Pat Pong to the Suan Lum Night Market and I was amazed that Thais started to commute now vs. using cars because it is convenient and you avoid the traffic. I do hope that I get to see the day that Philippines would have our own Subway, people would prefer to commute vs. bringing their own cars, and start the culture of walking!

It was a refreshing trip because I get a dose of Authentic Thai Massage and never-ending Shopping! Of course, I don’t like shopping very much but I like visiting new places either to eat, shop, or have a massage!

There are a lot of Shopping Places in Bangkok, and this is still the shopping mecca in Asia. Here is a suggested Shopping Attack Plan when you are in Bangkok:

1. The Famous Mah Boon Krong (MBK) is a must visit for those looking for that high quality fake fashion goods, minimalist asian decorations, or cheap thai delicacies. This is a huge mall, so be better be prepared with a shopping list because you could easily be seduced into impulse buying. In the Philippines, this is similar to Market Market in the Fort.

2. Across MBK, is the biggest mall in Thailand — the Paragon Shopping mall and it just opened recently and this is definitely the one-stop shop for high end shopping in Bangkok! You’ll be amazed at the 3d TV screens — Yes it is actually 3d without the need for 3d glasses! You have to see it to believe it! Also, can you believe it that there is a car showroom in this mall and you can in fact buy cars now in the mall! Amazing, huh?! As a parallel to the Philippines, this would be the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City although it is more for the masses rather than high end shopping.

3. At night, You should try to visit the Suan Lum Night Market — very nice ambiance, very unique finds, and kudos to Thailand for creating this night market specially for tourist who won’t have the weekend to spare for shopping. It closes at 12 midnight, so you can shop till you drop. Although, there seems to be only 7 kinds of store in this night market, that repeats itself over and over again. In the Philippines, no equivalent yet but there is a huge night market place being built along Diosdado Macapagal besides PNB — Hongkong Shopping Center or something…

4. If you have the weekend to spare in Bangkok, you should not miss the Chatuchak Weekend Market and I tell you this is the ultimate shopping experience! You need an entire day to finish shopping here. In the Philippines, the closest we can get to it would be the Salcedo and Legaspi Park Weekend Markets which is not even 1% of what Chatuchak can offer.

After all the shopping, I tell you you should either have a full body authentic Thai Massage (about 500 Bhat) and a Thai Foot Massage (about P250)! I have not seen any authentic thai massage yet in the Philippines so better indulge yourself while you are in Bangkok!


5 thoughts on “Shopping, Thai Massage and Amazing Thailand Subway!

  1. wow thanks! my friends and i are planning a trip to bangkok just for the shopping. Any suggestions where we can stay?

  2. Chrissy,
    Here are a few suggestions:
    I would assume that you are not into the five star hotels like Holiday Inn, Intercontinental, Grand Hyatt, Sheraton or Emporium which are perfect places to stay if you have the money or if you are on a business trip. If you are the tourist kind looking for shopping then I would suggest the following:
    Prathumwan Princess — this is at the back of MBK, very convenient for shopping @ MBK. You won’t mind walking to the MRT from the hotel through the train via MBK 🙂
    Amari Water Gate or Indra Regent — this falls along the shopping road where Central World Plaza (World Trade Center is located)
    Novotel — not sure though if this is expensive but this is along the skytrain route-
    Avoid the Bangkok Palace, D’Ma or The Eastin Bangkok because they are so far, that you will have to spend on Taxi to go to the shopping places…
    Normally there are packages, so let me know what are the hotel packages you are considering and I can give you perspective where they are relative to the shopping places.
    Hope this helps.

  3. thanks so much for the tips, i’m going to bangkok next weekend and i’ll definitely go check out ur list. Btw, is MBK near Chatuchak? where did u had ur thai massage?

  4. Just sharing what I know 🙂
    – Chatuchak is very farrrrrr from MBK — its on the end of the train line.
    – I have the experience to stay in Novotel – not a bad place for mid-range cost. A bit expensive than Amari but cheaper than Prathumwan 😉

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