[Viaje del Sol Series.6] Sumptuous Lunch @ Ugu Bigyan!



By this time, it is already 1pm coming from the Kubli Springs. The highlight of the tour has always been Ugu Bigyan which is a sure winner in terms of food and overall ambiance. This is my first time to eat lunch here and we already know that the merienda is superb. For P350/head, you get a generous serving of the best Filipino lunch I ever tasted and looked forward to. This is not your usual Gerry’s grill or Dencio’s but home-cooked Filipino food at its finest. They don’t have an ala carte menu but a fixed lunch set depending on what fresh ingredients would be available. C’mon lets savor Ugu’s food via these food shots…

Sinigang na Baboy

Calamares – perfectly cooked so that they are crunchy not chewy.

Kulawo — THE BEST Vegetarian dish using Banana’s heart!

Lato Salad.

Adobong Manok and Baboy – Ugu’s version

Tahong with Vegetables — this is the only dish that was not finished…

Freshly grilled Tilapia! Juicy and yummy in the inside!

Ugu Bigyan
Lusacan, Tiaong, Quezon
Telefax: +63 42 545-9144
Manila #: +632 250-8416

Ugu Bigyan’s Secret Pottery Garden


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  1. ….i will send someone to visit your place soon….i can’t wait to know more about the place….i want to see more hidden corners….i am curious….

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