[Viaje del Sol Series.5] The Charm of Kubli Springs



Jay was very kind enough to let us visit Kubli Springs which is still an undeveloped properly owned by their family. You have to cross this spring and go upstream where Jay had setup lunch picnics or evening dates all for the same price of P500/person (standard line pricing). This springs is an extension of the Kinabuhayan Cafe and once developed, I’m sure this is one of the nice secret dining places in Dolores, Quezon. I love nature and settings such as these are priceless and I can already imagine a better alternative to Villa Escudero’s lunch where you also eat with your feet submerge in water and tables are setup on top of the water.

Unfortunately, we decided not to cross because we don’t want to get our feet wet and besides I won’t be able to bring my camera upstream.

This is a group picture taking with the Mt. Banahaw (covered with clouds) as a backdrop. The place is still virgin and undeveloped that we were cautious when we visited Kubli Springs since it feels isolated and you are in the middle of a valley with forrest all around.


4 thoughts on “[Viaje del Sol Series.5] The Charm of Kubli Springs

  1. Hi! Very nice blog very informative and addicting. I’m very much interested in going to Kubli Springs, would like to know how I could get in touch with Jay or make reservations.Thanks

  2. Hi! Your blog was very interesting. Would like to know how to get there at Kubli Springs? and how we could get in touch with Jay in making reservations and asking for a road map? Thanks!!
    Hope to hear from you.

  3. We went to Kinabuhayan Bed and Breakfast on the strength of your blog and found it totally horrifying! For starters,the place was filthy. Major. Big time. I went with my husband and our 3 kids –ages 14, 9 and 7. You were right though about the picnic lunch that owner, Jay Herrera, prepared. It was awesome. Roast chicken, risotto with wild mushrooms. But all it’s awesomeness was cancelled out by the fact that lunch was served at 2 pm–when we were all famished and mildly homicidal.On top of that, there weren’t enough seats or even places to sit on comfortably while eating so a third of us ate while standing up.Gutom ka na, nakatayo ka pa. Dinner however was horrifying–spaghetti (how can you get that wrong)–the amount heaped on our plates could have fed 5. What he lacked in quality, he made up for in sickening quantity. Together with the humongous amount of spaghetti was another humongous helping of–another pasta dish! oh my! This time spaghetti (again) with laing. Didn’t work. Bombed.Doyngk. Carbo loading!! then right next to these pasta creations–was salad. carrots and radish –julienned. I mean can you imagine how that looked>?–2 mountains of pasta and julienned veggies—lahat pahaba! Just looking at the plate before me made me groan. Yuck.And breakfast was worst! You’d have to be a pretty terrible cook to botch breakfast, right? Ano ba naman yung longsilog or tapsilog or danggit, diba? Well, when breakfast was served at 9 am (yes 9am!), we were served potato omelet that was so salty, I could only take a bite. The rest we all gave to the dogs and cats.
    My husband and I hated this place but our kids, the city slickers, loved it. They loved the animals–birds of all kinds, Jay’s dogs. This was one saving grace of this place–that our kids loved it. Lest I give the impression that this place is for kids, let me hasten to add that when we got home, all 3 got sick–from allergies, asthma, viral infections. Plus this place is a smoker’s haven. Major culprit was the owner himself, Jay H. He was smoking in our cottage–and continued to do so even when I had asked him not to repeatedly. As an aside, I think Jay has heavy psychological problems. I’m a doctor so I could possibly be on to something. He was intrusive (he’d sit and have a conversation with me and my husband, uninvited), flamboyant. In small doses, I could take him but eventually he wore on me real fast.
    My husband and I and our kids have travelled all over the world and in the Philippines. We love going off the beaten track. We’re not at all snooty or overly hard to please. But there’s a certain standard we look for. Cleanliness, for once.
    So, skip overnights in this bed and breakfast. If you still want to go despite my dire warnings, just stay for lunch in Kubli springs. Ok na yon. Then, RRRUUUUNNNN!!!
    All in all, I find your tribute to him UNDESERVED and terribly misleading.

  4. I was wondering what the history of this place might be, as you can see the spring and my name have a bit in common and my name is a fairly rare one at that, Email me with any links if you dont mind, thanks.

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