Cash Flow 101 in Manila! Increase your Passive Income Now!


I’ve always wanted to play the Cashflow 101 ever since I read bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad Book by Robert Kiyosaki. There was a group of people playing this game before in AIM and finally they started to make it available to a wider group of people. Just for P800 they are willing to train people on playing Cashflow 101 — although I think it was expensive for a 4 hours seminar. Their rationale is that the board game would actually cost you P15,000 and each time they run a workshop, it pays out the costs of one of the board games.

The workshops are organized by Laurus Enterprises, the official CASHFLOW(r) group in the Philippines, as certified by Rich Dad’s Training (S.E.A) Pte, Ltd, authorized by Robert Kiyosaki and CASHFLOW technologies, Inc. (USA) with the *exclusive* rights to conduct Rich Dad activities in Southeast Asia.
The Rich Dad mission is one of education and empowerment. It is only through awareness, education and action that people everywhere can take control of their lives and make the choices that will enable them to become financially free. We invite you to this opportunity for everyone to get together to learn and grow.

It’s too bad they did not allow me to take pictures, I could have gotten very good photos of each of the session and promote them even more. Anyway, so what’s my take on Cashflow 101 games? read on…

Cashflow 101 is super fun at the same time educational! It actually teaches you on how to get out of the rat race — by increasing your passive income. You’ll learn why is it important to follow the model of turning income into assets rather than the normal tendency of Filipinos which is turning income into expenses. I will not attempt to explain the concepts here because it is covered in the entire Rich Dad series and somethings you need to learn by doing. The earlier you learn the basics of Cash Flow, the better you are in moving towards your financial freedom! Key word is Passive Income!

You will see in the news lately or in e-groups that their promoting the coming of Rich Dad Asia in Manila on Feb. 24-26. On the last day, a CASHFLOW 101(r) Workshop will be conducted by Bellum Tan and lead facilitator Doreen Tan will guide participants to acquire with the mindset necessary to obtain their financial goals. This a whole day affair will set you back P7,000 (early bird 5,500 until Feb. 13). Frankly, it costs too much! Also, Robert Kiyosaki was too cocky that he does not want to go and visit the Philippines and/or Asia. What’s up with that? He designated Bellum Tan as the person in-charge and authorized to teach Rich Dad concepts.

Honestly, all you need is to be armed with the entrepreneurial mindset (read the rich dad series) + learn by playing the Cashflow game + have the right mentors/ entrepreneurs network. I learned this just now when I’m now 31 years old. You can argue that I’m glad I was still able to learn it in my early 30s… Wouldn’t it be great if I learn this in College or as I was starting in my job? By now, I would have been out of the rat race….


P.S. Just a word of caution: Some of the members of Laurus Enterprises are also part of the NU SKIN network marketing so don’t be surprised if they give you a sales pitch on becoming a business partner to increase your passive income. Although, this is one of the best Network Marketing sales pitch I ever heard!

5 thoughts on “Cash Flow 101 in Manila! Increase your Passive Income Now!

  1. Yes, I heard that Cashflow is fun and educational. Have thought of getting a set but was taken back by its price.
    But I think a person still have to read at least “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” first in order to really understand how to play the game well. If not, he/she might not understand the idea of passive income, investment etc.

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