[Bantayan+Malapascua #2] White Sands, Bantayan – The Best Restaurant in the Island!


Al fresco dining… powdery white beach… cool breeze… waves crushing on the shore… fantastic cuisine… excellent service! This is the perfect dining experience for me and we found it surprisingly in White Sands Restaurant-by-the-beach in Santa Fe, Bantayan. This was a favorite and highly recommended by Tara Cebu (our official guide for the trip 🙂 You can notice that the waitresses are trained very well, from the setting of the utensils, to the way the food is served.

We were so excited that we ordered a lot of the grilled foods and we ended up with P700/ person in our bill!! No doubt, that it would be a plus if you have a cebuano accompany you, otherwise, the prices are touristy expensive about 2x the normal cost in Manila (imagine that). They have a wide assortment from pizza, pasta, Filipino dishes, breakfast menu, international cuisine aside from the grilled variety. On hindsight, we should have looked at the prices and ordered pizza and other dishes. You can reasonably eat for P200/ head (according to Tara Cebu)

The gang was seduced into ordering the grilled variety expecting that since we are in Bantayan by the beach, it would be a lot cheaper. Our mistake was, we did not ask how much it would cost since the style was to point on what grilled food to order.

They have a good presentation of the fresh seafood and vegetables.

These kebabs deliciously looked good but they costs P200+ per stick (we found out later)

It rained that night so we had to move inside the main restaurant hut. The ambiance is still good and we had a fun time talking the night away. It was very conducive for a bonding session with the team over a glass of hombre tequila!
Our food was soo good and even the dessert was outstanding — crepe with Selecta choco peanut ice cream (P150-)

How to get to White Sands:
It is a very popular place and there are a lot of tricykad (bike tricycles) that you could rent going to/from Kota Beach.


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