Cliff House, Tagaytay — US Ambiance in a Tagaytay Setting :)


Welcome to Cliff house, Tagaytay. Most people miss this place because of its very simple signage outside the main highway. My wife loves this place because it reminded us of Long Beach, California because of the wind blowing and overall ambiance/ architecture of the place. There are two great restaurants here: Buon Giorno! (Italian Restaurant), and Fire Lake Grill (Steakhouse by Chef Paul Huang). Soon, by March 2006, Cafe Breton will open and this would address the dessert cravings of people going up to Tagaytay.

Check out this photo tour of Cliffhouse, Tagaytay…

The Left side of Cliff House comprises of Fire Lake Grill, My Philippines which is a pinoy souvenir shop, and Cafe Breton soon to open in March.

The Right side of Cliff house comprises of the Italian Restaurant Buon Giorno!, a pastry shop Papa Vinz Pastries and Domicillo which is a home cum art gallery with Jewelry, paintings, picture frames, furniture, and bags. If you are reading this in Feb 2006, Reg Yuson Photo Exhibit is on-going in Domicillo.

This is the main viewing area, and you can see Buon Giorno’s Facade from the Fire Lake Grill view.

A clear view of Taal Lake and the Taal Volcano on a clear Sunday Afternoon.

Domicillo also acts as a bar, and this is the drinking area. You might want to check it out:

Domicillo. homestore. gallery. bar
Unit-6 Cliffhouse, General Emilio Aguinaldo highway, Maharlika East, Tagaytay City
Tel# +63 46 413-2093
Mobile# +63 917 805-7516

How to get to Cliffhouse? From the Tagaytay Rotonda, turn right and just watch for this sign along the main highway. Once you get past the Antonio’s grill, Mile hi Diner, Carlos Pizza, etc., this is along the same row of restaurants before you reach the fork road of Petron Station.


18 thoughts on “Cliff House, Tagaytay — US Ambiance in a Tagaytay Setting :)

  1. The furniture shop there has great stuff… a bit expensive but I think their pieces are worth it. The Filipino souvenir store sells these funky retro looking electric fans that really work! Cool but also expensive as we’re still saving up for it.

  2. hi anton,
    are there houses for rent in this area? how much?
    i have three weddings to attend to from dec. 26-28.
    can’t afford to be fancy.

  3. Hi Anton,
    I’d like to ask for your recommends on a special night I was planning for my girl in tagaytay. Actually we’ve been there a couple of times, but never really got to stay for long and explore. In a month we should have some free time perfect for a little r&r, so i was wondering if you have suggestions for:
    a.) a cozy and quaint lunch with good food
    b.) a clean, comfy and romantic night’s stay (with a budget of around 2500 – 4k); and lastly
    c.) a romantic and semi-isolated place for dinner
    d.) ohhhh and a nice decent spa. (NOT the high-shelf really exclusive and expensive ones)
    By the way we like Italian and Mediterranean cuisine (Was thinking of Manos actually upon reading one of your blogs, but may as well ask you as you may have other ideas.
    Thank you!

  4. hi,
    i just want to ask if you hold weddings there at cliffhouse? if so, could you please send me thru email your wedding packages? thank you very much

  5. i really love the place we were 3 and i’m the only woman and i also laughed as if iam a man coz i feel so free with this place possibly bcoz it is almost late at night and the wind blow so cold that touches our skin.with the taragon tea that we ordered as if evryminute we ask fo a hot water …i highly recommend this..for lovers…family…and friends…

  6. hi anton,
    my bestfriend from new jersey is planning to renew their wedding vow, he asked me to look for a place and take care of all the needed preparation for their wedding next year february, can you email me your wedding packages? tnx!

  7. Hi Anton,
    My boyfriend fron states will gonna spend the whole week here in philippines and im looking for a house for two,can u show me if you have there and how much it will cost…..thanks

  8. Hi,
    My daughter is getting married sometime in February next year, and, she wants her wedding to take place in Tagaytay. Our family is now looking for a nice place to stay before and after the wedding, preferably one big house to accomodate about 12 persons. I wonder if we can find something like this at Cliffhouse. Thank you for your response.

  9. is there a place to rent for 1 night?
    checking in saturday morning out sunday 12 noon.
    need one big house with 2 or 3 bedrooms with bathrooms.

  10. hi, im looking for a wedding venue, ridge area., can cliffhouse accomodate a venue for such event? thank you.

  11. hi, we are planning to have a christmas party and one of the sites we’re considering is tagautay. can you recommend a place good for 20 persons? thanks.

  12. Hi! I’m looking for a house/houses for rent available from January 3-4, 2009 for a family outing. The party would consist of around 50 persons. Can you please help? Thank you very much!

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