Paul Huang’s Fire Lake Grill @ Cliff House, Tagaytay


Finally, I was able to schedule a Tagaytay trip and check out the highly recommended Fire Lake Grill by Paul Huang. At first, you would think that this is yet another steakhouse in Tagaytay. The food is really good at this place from the steak house to the grilled fish, to the salad and the desserts. This is a small cozy restaurant so you need to reserve in advance and it would be difficult to walk-in here. This shot was taken almost at 1pm+ already so dining al-fresco at this time is not ideal. Although it is so windy at this time and eating outside is perfect for Aidan since he can walk to his heart’s content.

Let me walk you through a Fire Lake Grill Sunday Lunch!

Here is a peak at the ambiance of Fire Lake and the typical crowd that eats here.

The sky was so clear that you can view Taal Volcano clearly that it appears so near. It’s like having a giant painting view of Taal Lake while eating at Fire Lake!

Blackened Beef Salad with Asian Greens, sesame Thai Chili dressing and blue cheese crumble (P290). This is a recommended salad and the dressing is tasty and delicious with every bite of the greens…to achieve the “it” taste, you have to combine everything from the beef to the cheese, tomato and the lettuce. What a taste! Yummy!

Darne of Norwegian Salmon with Tagaytay Greens and Dalandan buerre blanc (P320) — The Best Salmon Lemon Sauce that I ever tasted! The secret is in the sauce and freshness of all the ingredients. One thing my wife noticed was the thin slice of the salmon…

Grilled Certified Angus Beef (C.A.B.) rib eye steak topped with grilled jumbo prawn basted with lemon butter sauce (P890). This steak was a winner! (but expensive though considering the beef slice and the prawn size– only my wife ate this and she was very satisfied but somebody who complains a lot about how food is cooked.)

Pineapple Carpaccio with Malibu Rum and pink peppercorn, candied citrus peel, and coconut ice cream in a brandy snap basket (P120). Sorry for being superlative about all the food but I can’t resist it. The brandy snap basket tasted very well with the coconut ice cream. I love the pineapple with the candied citrus peel taste while my wife loved the combination of the basket and ice cream, it was like eating peanut brittle with ice cream. I can just go here to eat this dessert!

Flourless Chocolate Cake with peanut butter-white chocolate filling and served with fresh fruit compote (P160). I would give this 3 claps for being flourless and a good taste for a chocolate cake. Nothing so special.

The Happy Uy-Diaz Family! Of course, the entire experience set us back at P1000/ person but It was one of those meal that you wouldn’t complain about. But I’ll be smarter in ordering next time 🙂

They have a strict operating hours, so make sure that you reserve when you visit this place.

Fire Lake Grill
Unit 3 Cliffhouse Tagaytay, General Emilio Aguinaldo Highway
Tagaytay City, Cavite 4120
Telefax (+63 46) 413-2069
Mobile (+63 927) 914 4604


7 thoughts on “Paul Huang’s Fire Lake Grill @ Cliff House, Tagaytay

  1. I find this resto expensive. The food is ok but nor great. The waiting time is so long. We end up waiting for more than 45 minutes for their steak.

  2. Ah, one of my favorite restaurants. Thanks for putting it up.
    I ate at the Fire Lake Grill last week with my family for my lola’s bday. I also ate there last December with my parents. My family chose this because “Tito” Paul Huang is a very close friend of my dad since they were in grade school, so we would also like to patronize him, and also for the food. All I can say is don`t eat there in peak hours because the food takes long considering that they only have about 4 sous chefs. But, as you said about the meal, that you wouldn`t complain about. And by the way, excellent site. You really know how to eat. 🙂

  3. We have been to Fire Lake Grill thrice already and we treasure every single visit to the place.
    The food may be pricey but it is well worth every single bite… In other words, the food is excellent.
    The ambiance just perfect (cozy, tastefully decorated, breathtaking view of Taal Volcano and a very clean and well maintained place.
    Thank you for featuring Firelake Grill at your blog – It truly deserves to be praised and known by a lot of people.

  4. Disappointed upon contacting this restaurant. After having read all the nice reviews about their food, I texted to inquire where we could get a list of menu so we could make costings for a trip we were going market. I was answered where their website was, then as normally sometimes you need to clear something I texted back a second time again. Guess what?… the niceness ends there and as most (filipinos?) people. Weng didnt respond back, I texted again saying would appreciate if she could simply say Yes or no, but nothing. All she could say was yes or no we dont .. No load, low bat.. hmmm very common on some people when they place their mobile online for contact.
    So there though fine dining, the msot basic etiquette was not known to this person handling the mobile where people ask, where it wouldnt hurt to practice some courtesy. Many people are like that, instead of being direct they resort to “deadma” or walk away. Such manners.
    If you place a mobile number in a website be ready to answer a few questions or clarification, the person texted bec they were interested. We were planning to bring some guests their way and into the future – now i wonder if the ambiance when you step in is snobish also?
    The difference hen you place a mobile is people think they can text and you might actually reply, because if you were lazy to assist a potential customer, then might as well just remove the mobile number in your website and let people call on your landline.
    Im ranting.. errr I guess was really disappointed by the lack of manners this restaurants mobile phone handler exhibited.
    Maybe I set my expectations to high, when it was only the food the people were raving after all, no one said about service.

  5. Dear Anton,
    Thank you for your message, which I received in my YahooMail. I was able to read it and couldn’t help feeling thrilled at the thought of my articles being read by you. Sadly, I accidentally deleted it and I was hoping you could send me another email as I would like to save your addie in my list.
    To answer your question, I used to travel a lot, but I’ve never been outside the country yet. I’ve been praying for that. I know that in God’s time, I will be able to see a foreign country. As a writer and makeup artist, I get invitations to visit other places… either to do makeup in weddings, fashion shows, beauty pageants or to write scripts for the latter. I used to work full-time as a lifestyle/entertainment writer in The Freeman Newspaper (Cebu) for five or so years. That’s where I was given the chance to travel and write articles about some place’s tourism. Sadly, my articles hardly appeared online because the internet was not yet a big thing then. Well, that is not to say that I’m already too old now; I’m still 34.
    Currently, I’m in the call center industry, enjoying calls from the U.S. and writing blogs at the same time. I don’t really understand what a blog means, so that I’m trying to encode my previous articles (read: the major ones) and hoping they could pass for blogs.
    I can’t imagine myself not to write any longer. My biggest fear in life is to stop writing. Hope to God it’s not gonna happen.
    Thank you again for everything. Please do write me one more time to and I will certainly be happy to receive another email from your end. It would also be my pleasure if we became friends…
    Wait, I have a Friendster. Do add me up there:
    God bless!
    Ariel Allera

  6. i’ve been always wanted to drop by in the “housecliff” but no spare time, though im just a ride away from the “house”. i am indeed curious about this “BURGER BAR”… could you please help me to find out? im planing to give my self “a treat” after my “mind bugling” comprehensive exams in MORALS, as BDAY GIFT AS WELL… GOD BLESS -ANGELO,

  7. Good evening sir! I will be celebrating me and my girlfriend’s anniversary next month. And I’ve read about your review regarding Fire Lake restaurant. If you don’t mind sir, i would like to know your opinion if this resto would be a great place to spend a romantic anniversary dinner? Thank you!

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