Conquering the Taal Volcano Crater!

Taal Volcano Hike - 6

This is my third time to hike up the Taal Crater and still a beautiful experience for me. This is an update of my prior Taal Crater posts last October 2005 and I would like to share with you some things to bring/ expect based on my learnings from all my past hikes:

1). Bring your own water, beer or drinks if you want to save on costs. On average cost of the drink is P20/water, P30 for drinks, and P25/ fresh buko.
2). Wear Rubber Shoes, Shorts and bring a handkerchief to cover for the dust (specially during summer).
3). Leave Manila by 6am, so that you can start your hike at 8am (45mins hike). You’ll be back before 11am in time for lunch @ Tagaytay.
4). Ignore the people offering you boat ride (don’t even look at them), go straight to Taal Yatch Club and rent a boat for P1,500–
5). Other incidental costs would be P10/person entrance fee, and P20/person docking fee to help the community there in Taal Volcano.
6). Don’t forget your camera, and you can opt to ride a horse for P500 back and forth (25 minutes to the crater)

Check out Team OAP’s video on debunking the mystery of Taal Volcano…

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Taal Volcano Hike - 1

Taal Yatch Club View of the Mt. Taal Volcano

Taal Volcano Hike - 3

The most misunderstood hill in Tagaytay. A lot of people thought of this hill as the small volcano.

Taal Volcano Hike - 4

Taal Volcano 45 minutes hike (the halfway point)

Taal Volcano Hike - 5

At last, the beautiful taal crater summit, drinking buko juice, beer or mineral water after the hike.



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