A tribute to Euro Star Carnival — The Best Carnival in the Philippines!!


Booster with 3d spining action!!


Thanks to media source for bringing us the most successful carnival in the Philippines — Euro Star Carnival! I had my doubts initially, and the Philippines blogosphere have attested to this awesome carnival rides. Manila is the first stop in its 8-city Asian Tour and February 28 is its last day here in Manila. This is my personal photo tribute to this awesome carnival that Manila has ever seen and I’m glad that we are elevating the entertainment level to world class European standards! This is the first time I got dizzy with carnival rides and I’ve been to Orlando’s theme parks, and I can say these are one heck of a ride that surpasses all of them (except for the roller coaster rides). Booster, Flipper, Ranger, and G-Force will be the carnival tales of generation to come. Good luck to your China Stint and I do hope Manila will see you again in 2 years time 🙂

Tweety bird is a witness to all the dizziness, fun and laughter that Eurostar brought to Filipinos!

It was our mistake to ride Flipper as our first ride, and my friend Maong did not survive to ride the rest. She is a certified carnival rider but hands down to flipper, the dizzy after effect was enough — it’s like being inside a washing machine.

Seeing and riding this is one is a conquer in itself. The two seater ride spins on its X and Y axis and guaranteed to make you dizzy, puke and all your bones in your shoulder hurt.

Can you survive this 10 second upside down pause in the Ranger ride?

One of the longest ride in the carnival with witty commentaries from the ride operator 🙂

One of the biggest ferries wheel in the world and with amazing light show. Here I am with my friend Maong.

I was not able to try this because of the long queue, but being hurl at 100 kmh with you seating at one of the ends of G-Force 42m Pole is like being at the ends of a helicopter propeller spinning at 100kph!

No-nonsense Euro Star Carnival facade and thanks for considering Manila as your first stop.

My brother, Rommel and Iggy who did not ride but just took photos of this awesome carnival.

This is the view from the Giant Wheel at 50m high above the Fort! Well done, Eurostar Carnival 🙂 Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

MORE PHOTOS: Eurostar Carnival, The FORT

Eurostar Carnival brought to you by Media Source
Tel# 727-4084, 727-4085 or +63 920-5610493
Monday-Thursday 5pm-12mn (P150 entrance fee or P300 ride all you can with P50 food coupon)
Friday 5pm-2am, Saturday 3pm-2am, Sunday/Holidays-3pm to 12mn
(P200 entrance fee or P400 ride all you can with P50 food coupon)


8 thoughts on “A tribute to Euro Star Carnival — The Best Carnival in the Philippines!!

  1. Hi there. I recognise Iggy in the pic. Send regards to Iggy for me. He brought us around when i had my trip to the Phils. Thx.. Cheers!

  2. i rode the flipper the last time ( 2 yrs ago i think). During the ride, i had a sort of wiplash.. or what my ortho described as a muscle spasm. After that, i had to take pt regularly or else i get neck pains. (which is expensive) Looking back, i realized they lack safety pads on both sides of the head to prevent it from snapping back. Just an advise to be careful.. always check for ride’s saftey measures.. and i would not recommend the flipper!

  3. NO doubt Euro-star must deserve a tribute on Euro Star Carnival. My whole family enjoyed it a lot and still we remember all things of that we have done there. Everyone had enjoyed things with best entertainment. Keep doing such good deeds of entertainment. 🙂

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