Japanese delights @ Seryna, Little Tokyo


Kaizen Gozen (P250) — one of the set menu best seller in the house 🙂


I’m back! I have a hectic travel schedule lately and will be out in March. Before I go on a blog leave again, I want to give you another food delight — this time a Japanese restaurant in Little Tokyo. It is a modern japanese resto and have been less than a year in operation. I’ll rave about their food presentation that makes the food soo appetizing when you see it. I judge all the japanese restaurant I’ve been to based on the taste of their Kani Salad, California Maki and the Wasabi. Only the Kani Salad failed the test, the maki was good and soo is the wasabi — not too strong but it has that kick in the nose when you eat it. So generally the food is OK but since there are a lot of Japanese eating here which is a testament of its authenticity. We averaged around P300/person so not too bad for a japanese resto with a good ambiance and good food! This is one resto that I’m going back for more…

Grilled Shitake Mushrooms — yummy (P30/stick). Good for the healthy appetizer treat!

Kani Salad (P200) — this is expensive for its taste.

I like the presentation of this maki even though the mayonnaise looks disoriented. This is also expensive for P200 🙂

Makunouchi Bento (P380). My wife ordered this and she said that it was just OK but the tempura and the fish was good — better be for its price.

This is the ambiance of the booth in Seryna. This is the Photographer’s table (L-R): Anton, Rommel, James and Carl Valentin.

Check out the wooden modern spa ambiance. Check out the restroom and its weird design.

This is located in Front of Mcdonald’s Makati Cinema Square. Right in the entrance to Little Tokyo.

Check it out and enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Japanese delights @ Seryna, Little Tokyo

  1. Dear Anton,
    I have been a fan of your blog. I am tasked to handle Food section in our company newsletter. Can I use your pictures? and quote you on your comments? : )

  2. Hi! I think you blogged Chef Ed’s before right? There’s a new resto which replaced Chef Ed’s in de la Costa called figs and olives which you may want to check it out =) the chef is my brother kasi… =)

  3. Can please someone give me the contact number of Seryna Japanese restaurant? I need to make the reservation for mother’s day. I will appreciate anyone who can give me the contact number of this restaurant. Thanks in advance.

  4. Hey Anton, this is a late reaction. I almost blew a snot bubble when I read this line from this little entry: “I judge all the japanese restaurant I’ve been to based on the taste of their Kani Salad, California Maki and the Wasabi.”
    I mean, you’ve got to be kidding, right? Kani salad, California maki? Whoops on that one, Anton. I hope that 4 years henceforth has taught you NOT to judge Japanese restaurants by their kani salad and California maki. It’s just as if you’re judging a Chinese restaurant by their chop suey. The horror!

  5. Yes you are right. I learned that it was a bit silly of me using Kani Salad, California Maki and the Wasabi as a measurement of the quality of Japanese restaurants. I also decided not to change the original entry to keep it as a snapshot of my blogging history/ maturity. 

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