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Buon Giorno’s Opium Bed is starting to be one of the most reserved spot in Cliff House, Tagaytay. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you are missing on the latest discovery in Tagaytay. I got the tip from Grace last November who was kind enough to share with me her review (Thanks alot Grace!). Here’s an excerpt:

“The food in BuonGiorno is okay. I guess it’s nothing compared to Amoroma or L’Opera, but for the price, it was well worth it (Which made it great! hahaha)! We ordered two glasses of white wine, parma ham antipasti, their specialty salad, salmon and asparagus risotto and chicken saltimbocca and only paid 1k. I’d recommend the food except for the dessert and the wines. (the risotto was around 250, the chicken was 400 [but that’s their specialty], but on the whole, the dishes cost around 150-250 each) (pls don’t get the desserts! The sansrival had too much butter, while the panna cotta was runny). The nicest thing about it was my boyfriend reserved the “opium bed.” It’s this wooden chair that had hanging curtains overlooking the view which was absolutely beautiful and romantic. If you’ll eat in BuonGiorno, you SHOULD have that seat reserved.” (review by grace)

We decided to eat @ Fire Lake Grill (I’ll share in a separate post) instead and we had a firm resolution to go back and reserve this Opium Bed when we eat here @ Buon Giorno. By the way, I was surprised that the valentines weekend is still open versus when I ask a reservation in Antonio’s. That tells me that not a lot of people still know about this place which has been in operation for 6 months+. By the way, Cliff House Tagaytay is just along the main highway in Tagaytay right before the fork road @ Petron Gas Station. See more detailed photos…

A peak inside Buon Giorno. You can decide to reserve this corner seat.

Or al-fresco dining outside ! This is at 12nn and it was still very cool πŸ™‚

last resort would be to reserve inside the restaurant. As you can see, it is small and can only accommodate probably 100 max. So you need to reserve when eating here or arrive early πŸ™‚

This is a view of the kitchen, and by the looks of it, the menu is well prepared πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to eat here πŸ™‚

Buon Giorno! Caffe & Bistro
Ms. Helen @ +63 915 505 1884
Tel# +63 46 413-2102
Unit 4 Cliffhouse Tagaytay
Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Highway
Tagaytay City 4120.


17 thoughts on “Opium Bed @ Buon Giorno, Cliff House, Tagaytay

  1. Visited Buon Giorno last Aug. 20 due to favourable reviews. The place is cozy, food was good but the service was a nightmare. I would definitely be embarassed to put the sign on the door that says “Voted by Tatler Philippines as the best restaurant” Place, food, and service go hand in hand and definitely if one is missing it should have not landed on the top list.
    We waited for more than an 1 hour before our food was brought out. This was also after several follow-ups. It is a small place and definitely the kitchen and staff should be able to handle the crowd; if not, then they should have reduced the no. of tables that they feel they can comfortably serve.
    Water, bread, and butter were not served. You had to call the attention of the waiters/waitress several times before they serve you.
    We even had to get up to get our own plates and spoon because the service just was not there.
    The bill also took quite some time despite the fact that we had asked for it while having our main course. We thought it a smart move under the circumstances. Turns out we were done with our main coruse, done with dessert and coffee, and still had to follow up the bill.
    I hope the other people we will visit the place will have better luck.

  2. Hi, Anton! Well, Buon Giorno is one of my favorite restos @ Tagaytay. The food is deelish, not too expensive, and the service was okay for me. They served us bread as we wait for our orders. We didn’t have trouble with the bill, or service. Overall, it was a great experience for me , that always makes me want to go back to the resto again πŸ™‚

  3. i think the food in buon giorno is great. its bad to lie. and i admit that in there the food is tempting to the eye and would certainly keep you eating its great food…ALL I HAVE TO SAY THAT ITS FUN BEING IN BUON GIORNO!!!!!!!

  4. Hi anton!! I have to say I agree with GPC – the service was really TERRIBLE to a T!! Ibang klase!! To think na we went there August 21 – a holiday and we decided to get breakfast. The service is forgettable talaga. The food was okay – nothing too great. The Opium Bed was not even fixed – according to the waiter – HINDI PA READY KASI BREAKFAST PA ANG SINESERVE – really huh?!!

  5. yummy seafood pesto pizza. and since it’s tagaytay, salad greens should not be skipped. i was surprised that they grill their steaks really well too. (e.g. when you say medium it really does come out medium)… i’ve recommended cliffhouse lots of times esp to clients visiting over from the US. hindi naman ako napapahiya πŸ™‚

  6. THEIR SERVICE WAS TERRIBLE!!! We were 10 in a group and when they started serving our orders, the last people who placed their orders got theirs first and the rest had to wait about 30 more minutes before getting theirs. Also, they seemed not to care about the order of the food served – we got the main course first before the appetizers. We even had to request for the bread several times before they were actually able to bring it over. What was more disappointing was that one of my companions found a worm on his vegetable. When we called their attention to this, at first, all they offered was a simple sorry which was unacceptable. Only when we requested to speak to the manager and the owner did they do something about it. I am never going back to this restaurant again!

  7. We were there on a Thursday night, and we enjoyed the experience tremendously. The Opium bed was occupied, unfortunately, but we opted to sit outside to take advantage of the crisp Tagaytay air. The food was good, especially the cream of brocolli soup. I know people have complained about the service, but we had nothing to complain about. The waiters (2 of them, in fact) were very attentive. Great ambience, good food and impeccable service. Either management has done something about the deficient service, or it was a good idea to go on a weekday.

  8. Thanks for the contact details! We’ll feature Buon Giorno in Mabuhay Magazine’s August issue. πŸ™‚

  9. we were there last sunday, and we found the food excellent and the service adequate. there were a lot of people but we got our bread before the main course with the wine we ordered. congratulations and best wishes to Linda and Mark Floro for their successful venture.

  10. we ate there with my SO, and we really loved it! can’t remember what cheeses comprised their four cheeses pizza though. does anyone have an idea?
    loved the taste! hands down favorite! plus i didn’t think we had any problems with their service. prompt ang accomodating naman sila. πŸ™‚

  11. i was lucky enough to reserve the opium bed on a saturday night dinner. the place was packed when my boyfriend and i got there. we order the mushroom soup, sausage ravioli in tomato sauce and 4 cheese pizza. the food was great! i loved the ravioli! it is hard to find a good ravioli in tagaytay! i was so happy with the service, food and place. i’ll definitely be back when i drop by tagaytay again. πŸ™‚

  12. I was fortunate enough to reserve the Opium Bed last Saturday night. I went there with my boyfriend and our friends and had a superb time! We ordered A LOT, the prime ribs, 2 pizzas ( loved the 4 cheese pizza), spinach and ravioli, chicken and mushroom rissotto, pasta in olive oil, pesto pasta. We were so stuffed! Food was great and the place is nice. We will be going back there again soon. πŸ™‚

    We had dinner there on September 29, 2008. Chose the “Opium Bed”. Cheap imitation furniture but it didn’t really matter – it looked nice and inviting.
    THE WINE LIST: A shocker. Nothing worth drinking. The “expensive” Valpollicella was undrinkable. THE GOOD NEWS: They only charge Php 150 corkage.
    A SMALL PROBLEM: No proper wine glasses but, if the wine is crap it doesn’t really matter I suppose.
    SALADS: A main course chicken Ceasar came first. Oh dear. The seared Tuna salad was very average. Chewy, tasteless Tuna fresh from the freezer? Semi-cooked potatoes.
    FISH OK: One of us tried for the John Dory but had to settle for the Halibut. It got two thumbs up. was the best of the evening.
    SAME SAUCE SYNDROME: 3 different dishes had the same, somewhat bitter, tomato sauce. Tasteless ex-freezer chicken. PROCESSED MOZARELLA!!!!
    THE GOOD NEWS: The pizzas looked very good.
    NEXT TIME (if there is a next time): We’ll take our own wine (and glasses) and order pizza. The setting is almost worth it. Good smoothies by the way.
    SERVICE: Chaotic.
    2 out of 10.

  14. I loved this restaurant from the first time I ate here with my family and the second time with my girlfriend. The steaks are okay… with prices within 500 bucks who am I to complain. The pizza is good. Service okay even though I have read that some find it bad. That all changed last night. You see… I reserved the Opium Bed for my girlfriend and I for us to have dinner there on our Anniversary. When we got there I was so relieved that I was able to reserve a table in such a short notice because the place was packed! We sat on our table and started to look at the menu to pick our choices. We have our set to eat steak and pizza here again since the last time we ate here we were stuffed. Spent 10minutes to choose from the menu and then called over the waitress to give our order. I said that we are going to order the Prime rib. She said “wala na po sir”. “okay” I said. “Rib eye na lang.” She said, “wala na din all we have left are lamb chops and baby back ribs. At this point we are disappointed already. We thought, “At least there is still pizza left.” As I turned the page of the menu to where the pizzas are… She said that the oven is not working. Whoa!!!! This is too much. We can’t seem to order anything that we set our hearts on. This is so frustrating since it is only 7pm and the steaks are out. We drove from Manila to Tagaytay to eat then this happens? Oh wow! The thing they should have informed us before we took our seat. Plus how about the other people who are waiting to be seated outside? They are in for a surprise to wait so long and they can’t order almost all of the best sellers. Talk about bad service and poor restaurant management. It is a very long holiday and they should have anticipated the people who are coming in for them to ran out of steaks. I hope next time they inform the people as soon as they asked for a table. Very disappointing. We told the waitress that we will not order anymore and left. So much for the Opium bed I reserved, the steak, and pizza. This is the pits. We ended up driving back to Manila and had dinner Roadhouse Grill Boni High.

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