[ Playa Calatagan #1] a Beach Discovery in Calatagan, Batangas


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Temporary Pavilion @ Playa Calatagan, Batangas (Playa is spanish for beach)

Before I leave for a blog vacation for the entire March, I would like to share with you a beach discovery 3 hours away from Manila! I can’t imagine that there is a beach as beautiful as this just within travel distance and previously Calatagan, Batangas is not known to have this kind of beach. The beach is even better than the Laiya, San Juan Beaches and the Nasugbu beaches. There are three criteria for me for a great beach resort: (a) the beach sand is white fine sand, (b) the water is so calm that children could swim in it, (c) a beautiful sunset right in front of the beach! Playa Calatagan meets those three criteria except for the beach having a brownish tint but its finer than most of the beaches in Batangas 🙂

It is still in its natural virgin state and it was owned by Mayor Palacios Family (that is why it remained private all these years!) I’m glad that Palacios and Landco Corporation join in partnership to create this as a seaside residential estate. This is Landco’s 3rd seaside real estate community after Punta Fuego and Terrazas de Punta Fuego. It is still in its pre-selling of P6,000/ sqm and you can still buy as small as 250 sqm. I’ve always wondered in buying Punta Fuego when it was just selling at P4,500/sq (5 years ago) which is now 4x that amount. What’s great about this seaside resort is that you just buy a lot with no club membership fees anymore and there will be both a private country club and a public space. The vision for the public area is to bring Boracay’s vitality and party atmosphere only 3 hours away from Manila. I do hope that the beauty of this place is maintained as they develop the community and the commercial area.

I’m posting an entire series on this beach discovery to share with you the beauty of this place. You’ll hear a lot more about this place, as they begin to market it in May 2006. I’m soo convince of the beauty of this place, that I bought a Lot on my first trip to this beautiful beach in Calatagan, Batangas.


15 thoughts on “[ Playa Calatagan #1] a Beach Discovery in Calatagan, Batangas

  1. Anton!Anton!Anton!
    I never imagined finally meeting you again this time at the net! Whew! It has been six years since I left P&G. I am writing a creative non-fiction article on filipino drinking, that’s why i googled for “tagayan” or “inuman” and presto, i found your blog (September 2005)! great blog!
    It’s great to read news about P&G and your hobbies. Unfortunately, by virtue of vocation ( I am now a Jesuit!), I am now a supporter of Ateneo. Grrrrr! Kidding….

  2. 2 thumbs up! 🙂 ur web is so exciting. web pa lang nkakarelax na what more
    just want to ask few questions. just want to know if you’ve been to golden sunset resort at calatagan batangas. pls advise me with the rates and if we’re allowed to cook our own food there.
    hope to hear from you
    thanks and hope to see more places in your web 🙂
    thanks and God Bless

  3. I was awed by Playa the first time I saw it and just like you, my wife and I decided to purchase a lot on our first visit. There is something about this place that draws you in. The vibes are good. And since our experience with Landco has been great – being buyers of a farm lot at the original Leisure Farms – we know the development will be first rate.
    Already, my 7 year old daughter is having the gime of her life on the weekends we go to the beach. Owning a part of this beach development is not only a great financial investment but a terrific invenstment for our family life as well.
    See you at the beach!

  4. I am so happy I came across your blog. I’ve been wanting to see more pictures of Playa Calatagan. Thank you for sharing the photos. It is simply amazing. I’ve yet to visit but from what I’ve seen it’s breathtaking. I was thinking of getting a land in Boracay, but the prices are just too expensive. Then I learnt about Nasugbu. I was sold when I saw it on the internet. What’s great about it is its proximity to Manila and the white beach is just impressive, but with a bit more researching I came across Playa Calatagan. I liked it for its white sand and the fact its up and coming, and of course the affordability factor. It’s the greatest thing. I’m still in the very early stages as I am inquiring about the lot and what I intend to do with it, and with your photos the ideal is hopefully promising. Thank goodness for our great beaches. It is excellent marketing and tourism for this great country of ours.
    Life’s a beach… (jv coined and trademarked)

  5. We are a group of about 20 in our office and we want to have an outing in Calatagan next weekend. Where can we get the basic information like reservation, etc.

  6. I like the website so much, makes me feel homesick, encourage me to see my hometown again, I was born in Calatagan but living now miles miles away from hometown and family. Through your web I feel at home.
    God speed and all the best.

  7. Wow! I can still remember my highschool days. We used to hang around at this place with my classmates Jonathan Bulaklak (who’s living with the Palacios), Armiel Magyaya and Lan Villanueva to eat buko (young coconut) for free after swimming and rinse ourselves by the well (balon or bukal) nearby. Oh how I miss that place!!!
    Dante Perinal

  8. This picture is soo amazingly beautiful.
    Just right when I am planning a family gathering this summer.
    Can you tell me the rates here and if there is a place for BBQ? My family loves BBQ and we would like to do it while on the beach.
    Email me please.

  9. Hello Anton,
    I am interested to visit the site w/ my husband. We are planning to buy a lot near to the beach especially in batangad .Comparing to kawayan cove ,Playa calatagan is much more cheaper i guest. Maybe if you have contact person for me. We would like to make an appointment for tripping. I hope you could help me. I read to your site that you bought a property there. Pls,. sent to my e-mail ad. Thanks a lot and god bless you and your family too.

  10. am sorry but i came from there just this afternoon…after getting lost unexpectedly…going towards playa in lian batangas…we found playa calatagan finally by 12nn…in the first place someone invited us and said it was a birthday celebration:) then getting there..we had the feeling it wasn’t…anyway, we were told the stubs for the food ran out and we were escorted to the dining area where our lunch food was served by 3pm! and the food…..was horrible!!spoons and forks came after 30 mins more and worse….they even took our orders with drinks that never came!!!sorry but i think if it would function as a resort…it would be an awfull resort..but i do have to commend the architecture and the very nice scenery.but having been deceived and treated this way like we were beggars for their open house food( i really wish there was a fast food nearby)i’ll have to get over it first before i can recomment the properties:)

  11. oh and i forgot….we took shade in one pool cabana and was told they were for rent…when our so called bday celebrant arranged for our food..we were told that not all the food would be free..so we would be charged for the other plates..since we were five only 3 would be free..hahah…oh boy!! and the service was terrible..like the staff didn’t know a thing about restaurant service!!…oh i’m so sorry but i’m sooo hating this place right now!!

  12. hi. my husband and i r looking for a nice beach to spend for an overnight with family. should u be a member? can we bring our own food? how do we get rates. thanks so much. hope to hear fr u soon.\\

  13. I already been here in Calatagan and it’s a great place. I already been in other places like in Cuenca, Calaca, Ibaan, Laurel, Lian and i really enjoy staying at this places. You must really try it. So peaceful and you will surely will have a nice vacation here. I will surely come back and see more other beach resorts in Batangas.

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