[ Playa Calatagan #2] Breakfast @ Antonio’s “Halfway House”


Note: This restaurant is closed already and they moved inside the main Antonio’s restaurant. 


8:30am @ Breakfast @ Antonio’s. This is the perfect “halfway” house between Playa Calatagan and Manila which is both approx. 1.5 hours away from this point. I was surprised that this place is jump packed on Sunday Breakfast including the regular group of bikers who meet up here every Sunday @ 8.30am. This was my first time @ Breakfast and I’ve heard mixed reviews that the food was not as great as the main Antonio’s restaurant. I was excited to try it out with Rache and Aidan. This is also our meeting point with Joey and Tisha who was gracious enough to show us Playa Calatagan. Join me as we take a sneak peak inside a Breakfast @ Antonio’s experience.

This is the main dining area with an interesting breakfast painting on the wall. What’s great about the ambiance is that it is mostly white and have a bright happy morning feel to it.

I was pleasantly surprised that there are a lot of healthy and vegetarian options including this Vegetarian Fritata (P190) (open-ended omelet) which was delicious!! I also ordered a fruit yogurt sundae, that one too was healthy and what a great start for your morning.

The filipino favorite TAPSILOG (P240). This is the reason why we are getting mixed reviews from this place. This one terribly failed the taste test for its price. I’ve always remember the best Tapsilog for me is Country Waffle’s Angus TAPSILOG for only P250 and it is the best! I keep coming back for more in their glorietta branch just because of this. Imagine in Glorietta this meal is already P250 but in Tagaytay still the same price but a disappointing taste.

The open air patio is actually very nice. It was just raining during this time, that is why it is empty.

Of course the signature, open air restroom. Very cool!

I’ll get the contact information and address/ directions for Breakfast @ Antonio’s. I’ll update this once I have it.


14 thoughts on “[ Playa Calatagan #2] Breakfast @ Antonio’s “Halfway House”

  1. P240 for Tapsilog?!!!!??!?!??!!!
    anton, do tell me if you’re ever going to the Chinatown area for a food trip.
    i’ll take you to the most famous Tapsilog joint in the Sta.Cruz/Binondo area,
    Lola Ely’s Tapsilog on Bambang St.
    Since 1989, the favorite of BadBoy Robin Padilla.

  2. Try the cheese and mushroom omelette. Three eggs, scambled to fluffy perfection, mingled with earthy mushrooms and soft cheeses (gouda and mozza, I think). About the same price as the tapsi, I guess. More bang for your buck! Perfect for a low carb diet … but not for the high-blood, high-cholesterol typical Filipino.

  3. Yeah, I think the low carb diet / health buff food is great here in breakfast @ Antonio’s… that’s why I love it!
    I would be glad to pay premium for healthy food 🙂

  4. Naku next time Ill try the fritata and omelet 🙂 I tried the pancake in my 1st time to be there. It suspiciously looked more like a crepe. It was not that bad but it’s so paper thin that I don’t feel fulfilled =( I think it’s worth a second try on my part 🙂
    Do heed the advice to go to Lola Ely’s — I have been hearing about this place for ages! Best kept secret ng Manila boys??? 😛

  5. Ala eh! Is it really in Calatagan, my hometown? Aba ay magti-3 years pa laang ako dine sa US eh pagkadami na pala ang pagbabagong nangyari! Pag-uwi ko diyan ay di ko yan palalampasin na puntahan with berks.

  6. Hi! I love your food blog, please keep it up;) My comment on Breakfast – I really like the place but the service was so disappointing. The staff doesn’t seem to know how to handle customer complaints – e.g. there was hair in our bread – and the last time, we were bypassed in the wait list twice. My family and other friends also encountered bad service in the main Antonio’s restaurant – we made reservations but our table was given to another group by mistake. It certainly didn’t feel like an upscale dining experience at all. I would much rather go to Cliffhouse or Massimo’s in Tagaytay — great food and ambience without the ill feelings.

  7. Just had lunch at Breakfast at Antonios and service and food really SUCK! Their beef stroganoff came with a cockroach and the banana shake had pubic hair!!! I agree with Angela that they do not know how to handle customer complaints. Their OIC, a certain Helen even had the audacity to answer back and did not apologize at all. Think twice before eating in this so-called restaurant. The place looks really nice and quaint but Im sure the kitchen and chefs are really dirty. One more thing, there is only one manager for the 3 restaurants in tagaytay this is according to jona- the manager– no wonder food and service deteriorated this fast. Eat with caution. I wonder how they can get permits from city hall when they serve food and drinks with cockroach and pubic hair! they should change their name to Breakfast at Antonio’s -Fear Factor Style!!!

  8. I lost my Ipad der wen we ate breakfast! Its Us and the WAITERS only by that time, I forgot it at our seats and wen we came back to retrieve my Ipad, It was gone and telling me that they not saw it. Obviously pinag-interesan ng mga waiters ipad ko! Magnanakaw mga waiters dyan!

  9. I’m glad to have read all these good and bad reviews about Antonio’s restaurant. We were planning on dropping by last week when we were at twin lakes.
    What is the best customer review site for restaurants here in the Philippines?
    Thank you and have a great day!

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