[ Playa Calatagan #4] Beautiful Golden Sunset!!


Right in front of Playa Calatagan beach is this golden sunset. It is soo beautiful just to watch this. This post is just all about the sunset shots I made and I suggest that you gotta watch this when you decide to visit this place. For those of you who are in the office and I do hope these shots would de-stress you and make you more excited to visit the Philippines awesome beaches. Enjoy the sunset shots! summer is here, finally 🙂


Sunset’s Many Faces

End of a beautiful Playa Calatagan adventure.

Red Sunset

Thanks to Joey, Tisha and Diego for the Playa Calatagan opportunity 🙂

The first of many sunsets that Aidan would enjoy 🙂

Poppa and Aidan who hates the feel of sand that is why he keeps on raising his other feet 🙂


2 thoughts on “[ Playa Calatagan #4] Beautiful Golden Sunset!!

  1. Calatagan is a really nice place and the sunset there is really the best. I’ve been visiting that place since 1996. In fact, I met my future husband the first time I went there. I suspect that one of the reasons I married him is because they have their own house there hehe.
    My husband is a photographer and like you, he would capture the fabulous sunset on film each time we would visit. No matter how many times I’ve seen the pink to orange phenomenon, it never fails to put me in awe.
    Also, part of Calatagan’s charm is its being a secluded place. During off-season, you can spend the whole day at the beach without seeing another group of bathers.I do hope it doesn’t get too crowded now that they’re developing the place.

  2. hi anton,
    its a good read with your reviews on philippine’s pristine beaches..and i’m still after windy spots hihi. i have contacted you before about balesin but since you travel more than i do, maybe you can give me a tip on this one. calatagan is beautiful and easier to get to from manila. is there wind there? thanks a lot =)

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