[Dear Awesome Planet #2] Golden Sunset Resort, Calatagan


Dear Awesome Planet,
2 thumbs up! 🙂 ur web is so exciting. web pa lang nakakarelax na what more

just want to ask few questions. just want to know if you’ve been to golden sunset resort at calatagan batangas. pls advise me with the rates and if we’re allowed to cook our own food there.

hope to hear from you thanks and hope to see more places in your web 🙂

thanks and God Bless


Hi dawn,
I’ve dropped by golden sunset resort by ricky reyes and I should say that this is a well marketed place. Although I find it superficially man made and there is no beach to talk about (does not matter if your not a beach person). Also, I don’t believe that they can claim this as world-class, although I could say that kudos to the effort to make it like an Island Cove resort in Cavite. Although, they also have a view of the golden sunset in Playa Calatagan and hence the name of the resort.

Here are the overnight stay rates for this resort:

Air conditioned rooms during peak season (Mar 16-Jun 15, Nov. 30-Dec.31)
– Standard (1-2 guest): P3,080
– Deluxe room with loft (1-4 guest): P4,180
– Garden Cove with loft (2-6 guest): P4,950

[ Note: It is 9% cheaper during Regular season or 18% cheaper during lean season (June 16-Oct.15) ]

The rate includes:
– Entrance Fee ( P100)
– Breakfast for two (2)
– Admission to Butterfly Sanctuary (P50)
– Use of swimming pool and welcome drinks ( P100)

They have a day pass of P200 ( P100 entrance fee + P100 food consumables) or P300 ( P100 entrance fee + use of pool and volleyball)

One thing I could say is that its great to have a lot of activities in this resort including Fishing, Boating, Biking, playing Billiards, Videoke, and of course swimming. I was interested with the golden resort not because of its man-made facilities but the serendipity spa which I plan to try during one of my trips back to Playa Calatagan.

I actually don’t mean to promote Golden Sunset (hopefully not cause it is just a well marketed resort). But for those who are looking for an alternative to Laiya, San Juan Beaches or Nasugbu, Beaches, this is a sort of alternative. It does not really qualify since it does not have a beach, but that is fine with you, then check this place out.

Golden Sunset, Brgy. Uno, Calatagan, Batangas
www. goldensunset.ph
info@goldensunset.ph (Heads-up I wrote them, but did not get a reply back)
Travelpros, Tel# 634-3109/ 636-1687 (I was trying to call them but nobody is answering, good luck though)


18 thoughts on “[Dear Awesome Planet #2] Golden Sunset Resort, Calatagan

  1. hi!!im sure uve been 2 some of the beach resorts at Nasugbu Batangas..juz want 2 ask wat resort do you recommend us to stay?? and if u do know the rates..thanks!!

  2. Im interested ’bout golden sunset resort.Im pretty sure its so cool and so nice ambience for sure but my problem is i dont know how to get there.Can you send me the right way to golden sunset resort?
    Do they have special packages/promos?Can we allowed to bring our own food inside the resort?
    Hope to hear from you…thanks!GOD bless!

  3. Hi Juvy,
    going to the resort would be easy coz there are a lot of signs along the way. You go via Tagaytay, Nasugbu then Calatagan. Not sure how familiar you are with the area but if not just follow the signs.
    As for special package, there’s none just the normal rates since it is a peak time. You can call 634-3109/636-1687.

  4. hello,ijust want to know the rates if we stay there in 1 night,and iwant also to know if you can allowed to bring food inside.

  5. Don’t bother going there. We just had out company outing last weekend and the place was a wreck. Lobby was flooded, rooms were leaking, it’s like the place was constructed with inferior materials. There was no power and no water, heck they didn’t have any generator as backup.

  6. Are the children rates the same with adult rates. How many pools are there available in golden sunset. Can we bring food and cook?
    Pleae reply. We wish to visit by first week of June before I left to Dubai.

  7. ..magkan0 p0h b un 0vernight swimming jan, bale 7 pers0n p0h!…ask q0h lng dn p0h kelangan p p9h b ng recervasi0n??..thankz….

  8. hello. just want to ask if anybody can recommend a beach resort for an overnite stay for a huge family of 30. We’re on a tight budget but we want to enjoy the beach this summer. So you guys might have a suggestion. Can you also include the contact number and person? Would highly appreciate it. Thanks.

  9. We’ve been there last May 18-19, 2007. It’s a nice place except for the one-way lane going to the gate of the resort(hassle sa bus).

  10. hi!! just wanna ask whats the rate per person if i stay in overnight and can i bring foods?? and i will rent cottage??

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