My Mandala Spa Experience [ The Bora Life #2 ]


This scene welcomes you as you step out the tricycle from the main street walk along a stone road full of trees and withered vines. This exact photo was described by Marc Macapagal on his Praising Prana article as:

“The open air reception, with its wooden teak floors, lounge chairs and glass tables draped with colorful woven silk fabric, and surrounded with lush tropical plans is a calming sight. You feel like you’ve arrived in someone’s hacienda home.”

Mandala prides itself for being a sanctuary for the soul, a place where you experience yourself and go for presence walks. For me, I just came from a Bora night party and stepping into Mandala Spa, I felt like it transported me not into the past or the future, but into another dimension of the present. I felt at home where the staff is friendly, the food is healthy, the air is fresh, and where I felt like the nature and the trees are hugging me as a walk around the spa. Many articles and press releases have been written about this award winning, world class Mandala Spa in Boracay. This is not a press release article but this was my Mandala Spa experience…

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My Mandala Spa experience begins by putting on a one-piece blue sarong outfit with the locker key as your accessory and nice white sandals to transport you around the place. Actually, I was conscious at first to show off my flabby body to the nice spa receptionist and therapist, but the environment feels like it accepts you for who you are — sincerely.

You are escorted by the massage therapist to what they call the Yin Yang Pavilion, which is an open air shared treatment area. The spa massage actually begins with a light foot massage. I like the attention to the details of putting flower petals into the foot bath and somehow it gives excitement to the entire experience. I also like the minimalist play of colors in the uniforms of the staff at Mandala. This was the inspiration for this photo to show the contrast of the blue sarong with the violet skirt.

This is the second time I’ve been to Mandala Spa. The last time I’ve been here was having a night massage of the Mandala Signature Massage ($35) for 95 minutes. I wanted to erase the memory of that massage because it was so gentle, and relaxing to the point of boredom. I think it was a matter of preference because I like massages that put pressure to your vital nerves but it puts you into a relaxing sleep. So this time around, I tried the Mandala Deep Tissue Massage ($50) for two hours and twenty minutes. Although it was a bit painful because of the serious deep tissue pressure and cross fiber strokes, I still enjoyed it and you feel relax after two hours.

After the treatment, you are escorted into this pavilion, where you are served with tea. This is your final relaxation time before you transport back to the busy party-vibe in the white beach. So savor it, take your time and enjoy the present.

Just one suggestion, instead of just drinking tea, order in advance Prana Restaurant’s Pappa al pomodoro or tomato soup (~P200+). I guarantee you that this is the best tomato soup I’ve ever tasted. It is served with a ginger slush that upon drinking it, it gives you that wasabi kick to your entire body. I’ve been looking for this taste and I’ve wondered how a simple ginger juice with honey can taste soo good!

Mandala Spa
Manoc-Manoc, Boracay Island Station 3
+63 917 546-5991
Tel: +63 36, 2885858
Just ride a tricycle to this place, all the drivers know where this is located.

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5 thoughts on “My Mandala Spa Experience [ The Bora Life #2 ]

  1. Wow! You know how to enjoy life !!!
    I can’t blame you. Life is too short not to enjoy it!
    I am not sure I will be able to do all this but I really enjoy looking at the pictures.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. hey! check out ~ his latest post is the perfect answer to ur quest for Kapampangan good eats

  3. i just had my princess treatment( 3 hrs 30 min ) at mandala spa last week for P10,000+ and it was a total horrifying experience for me. My husband and I wanted to try out the ambiance since it was our anniversary so we booked at the villas and not at Discovery Shores. To start, the foot bath was ok if not for the construction going on beside the villa. One can hear the hammering and cajoling of the workers. We asked the therapists to tell them to stop since it was mandala’s construction and it did not stop till we had to rinse off our body scrub(after 45 min of treatment).The ambiance at that point was totally ruined. My husband threatened to just leave but I wanted to give it another shot so we stayed on. I should have listened to my husband. The Signature Mandala Massage given me by my therapist was so 3rd rate! I did not feel anything even though I told her to press harder. She kept on stopping and leaving me and I did not know what she was doing. It was my 1st time at Mandala so I did not know any better but I had better massages at Ton Ton and Slimmer’s World ( Can you imagine!) After the treatment, I felt numb all over and cannot smile after because I felt ripped off! The event at Mandala kept running thru my mind and I had a disturbing sleep that night. My husband, who is also a spa aficionado was not impressed at all though not as worse as my experience. I hesitantly paid for our treatment.
    After that, my husband convinced me to try out the Signature Mandala Massage at Discovery Shores the next day and true enough it was much much better. The therapist given me at the villas was a beginner and was not trained properly at all. I cannot help myself so I complained to the receptionist regarding my experience at the villas and she promised me a feedback. I called again the following day and again they promised me a feedback. True to Mandala service, I was not given a feedback at all. I am now back in Manila and still feel ripped off and angry at the management for allowing a trainee to do my massage and myself for paying ! This was my Mandala experience.

  4. Hi Anton,
    How much does it cost to create a website for our new resort at Blue Lagoon in Pagudpud?
    There are 2 duplex and 1 bungalow. The grand opening is scheduled this coming June.
    Just respond to my email address if you have the time but I surely appreciate it if soonest.
    By the way, who are your parents? I may know them since I am from Bangui myself.
    Thank you and congratulations for your awesome site. My family and I are your frequent visitors.
    Kindest regards,

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