[The Bora Life.1] Top Ten 10 Cool Things to do in Boracay!


Update: BORACAY FOOD: 10 Most Awesome Boracay Restaurants! (2018)

Our Awesome Planet is not complete without a Boracay posts and here are the Top Ten Cool Things to do in Boracay this year! Just a warning, once you finish reading this post, you’ll be tempted to go to Bora as soon as you can…

1). Jonas Milkshakes — still the undisputed dessert place. This continues to be the best place to hang out for dessert or for watching the sunset. The best part is Jonas is now open 24 hours! It continues to be a mystery as to what is the ingredient of Jonas’ milkshakes? By the way, for the diet freaks you can order a Jonas Shake without milk. My favorite continues to be Banana-Choco-Peanut for P70, what’s your favorite?

2). Authentic Hilot Filipino Massage (P350). I’m a massage freak and Hilot Filipino massage is one of the best massage that I’ve ever had! I can’t understand why people would go for shiatsu or swedish when the traditional Hilot is even better and cheaper. We should support this and we need to elevate this to the level of popularity as Thai/ Swedish massage in the world.

3). Sunset Happy Hour! Normally happy hour starts at 5pm and this sunset party in front of Waling! Waling! is so much fun. There is also some talks about illegal floating bar which operates until the sun sets and I’ve not tried it personally. What is important is that you are with the company of your friends over a bottle of beer laughing at funny life stories while you wait for the sun to set in the horizon.

4. Paraw Sunset Cruising (P150/head). I have removed Banana boat in my list because it destroys the environment and once you have experience it once you won’t crave for it anymore. Paraws on the other hand is the local boat indigenous to Boracay and it is the Boracay equivalent ofthe Gondolas in Venice and the Junks in China. You should try the Paraws with soothing tunes on board for that perfect sunset Paraw Sailing with background music. Check out the Sasha Paraws @ +63 36, 288-4032 or inquire at your hotel’s lobby.

5). Try out the coolest Restaurants in Boracay! Boracay is well known for its culinary delights and here are my top five favorites:
(a) The newest authentic Cyma Greek Cuisine in d’mall,
(b) Aria italian cuisine in d’mall,
(c) Banza/ Portugalia Authentic Portuguese cuisine in Station 3,
(d) Travesia Restaurant (originally Dos Mestizos Spanish Cuisine) in Asya Resort in Station 2,
(e) Prana Restaurant in Mandala Spa in Station 3.
I’ll cover all these new restaurants in a separate posts.

6). Dance the night away at What-Happens-in-Boracay-Stays-in-Boracay Parties! Need I say more? The best party places continues to be the following:
(a) Cocomangas in Station One
(b) Club Paraw in Station One
(c) Pier One in Station One
(d) Hey Jude! in Station Two
(e) Summer Place in Station Two
(f) Juice in Plazoleta in Station Two
I’m not sure if you notice this but Station One is mostly Pinoys while Station Two has a lot of the foreigners.

7). Shopping and Wheel ride in D’Mall (P20). This is the newest landmark in Bora in the middle of d’Mall where Hobbit House is also located. I’m really not fond of shopping so I’ll leave this at this.

8). Chori Burger fad! This food innovation in boracay continues to be the favorite snack of Pinoys in the island. This is perfect for that happy hour pulutan food or an after drinking gimmick meal.

9). Boating around the Bora Island. There are a lot of destinations around Boracay and during my particular trip, I was not able to have a boat ride. Although, this continues to be one of the cool things you can do in Bora.

10). Truth or Truth Sessions! One of the things why people go to Boracay is to have a very good bonding session with Friends. Parties are not a very good bonding session because either you are dancing or you can only talk to the person near you. Here is one suggestion that could make your Boracay vacation truly unforgettable. Find a secure a private hut in front of your resort at night, and find a game that you can play. The easiest would be a card game and the person who will lose will have to answer a Truth or Truth game. This is a no-holds-bar question and answer portion where you can ask anything under the sun and people are obliged to answer it. A good starting question would be, “Are you still virgin?”, etc… I guess you get the point. Try it out, and I’ll assure you that time will just pass by and you’ll just notice the sun rising in Bora.


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39 thoughts on “[The Bora Life.1] Top Ten 10 Cool Things to do in Boracay!

  1. grrrr…it’s been a year since my last visit to boracay, and seeing your pictures just makes me want to forget about work (i wish!) and go on leave. sigh, if only it were that easy.

  2. you’re right! very enticing! aaaaaaargh!!!
    my last trip to any beach was a year ago…
    muuuust….gooooooo… tooooooo… beeeeeeeach…..

  3. did you try the 1 lb burgers with lots of mozarella cheese? It’s one of the restos at d’mall. They also have the authentic chicken bacolod inasal there. Nigi Nigi is a very good place to hang out in. Maybe you can add recommendation on what are good in Station 1, 2 or 3. The melon-banana in Jonas is very good.

  4. Oh my, I wish I had enough money for Bora. I’m going to Galera soon and i know it’s not at par with bora.
    The first time i went to Bora, i was literally alone in the beach because we stayed at Club Panoly. It didn’t feel like bora at all, sayang.
    your shots are beautiful 🙂

  5. I really, really like your blogs especially the pictures, they are so clear. I love most is about golden sunset. Keep it up!
    May I know what brand and model camera you are using? I love to buy that kind of cam.

  6. Hi Guys!
    Sorry I know I’m supposed to comment on teh pix about but I read the article Rommel posted and learned that he stayed at The Panoly. I’ve actually booked a 3-nights stay at The Panoly on the 1st week of Dec ’06. I got a good deal for the accommodation rate but since it’s my first time in Bora – I would like to know how it was in Panoly? Is the place really secluded? Is it boring there? I mean I’m assuming that I can easily go the White Beach area and party there, but I’m wondering now if that’s indeed possible considering the transpo available late in the evening or early dawn.. 
    Hope to hear from you soon

  7. ….boracay is ‘really’cool….great swimming experiences few hours after lunch….i love motorbiking every early morning and walking every late afternoon…..so get ready mga elementary at high school classmates by seaparate groups ko kayong kakaladkarin dito….para marami akong kalaro lol!….sina adopted sisters emmy at dolly c.muna together with their husbands rainier at johnny at si ding kung available yung the brightest boy ng class at si beth elementary best friend ko if she’s in the country o eh di si mita if she’s in P.I…..syempre kami ni gerald ang taya lahat muna tapos later kayo naman sa ibang bakasyun lol!….every night guluhin natin yung mga tahimik lol!….

  8. …..attention:….julia pittman or sandra are you in london or south africa? i know charlie is in england simon of scotland does your hotel management trainings in switzerland paid off? you guys are most proper most gentlemen in our group i would love to see all of YOU ‘young european 70’s 80’s international club’here in asia continent{for a change}away from shoppings-baby sittings-tea rooms-museums-sport races lol! COME TO ‘boracay philippines’ by fall-winter 2009 i assume as friends you still know how to find me lol! to our prettiest friends{future architect}from down under and oh i wonder what happened to carol and her side kick loren of england if all of you are reading this….i am still open to all kinds of lenghty ‘dicussions’ no holds bar lol! boracay is surely ‘very green’ and surrounded by water….see you if i hear particular laughs i’ll definitely check it out then we’ll arrange
    something i can’t wait….simon you can bring families too but please NO bow and ties were adults now lol!….

  9. ….this is my favorite photoblogs….i just love all what i see here….so you’ll see this pictures keep coming back so it will be easier for me to visit-see again what i love to see most….

  10. instead of eating the choriburger with the bread, i eat the TOASTED chorizo with rice! yumyum!!! i’m just a 5 foot girl but i can eat 5 orders of chorizo and 3 cups of rice in one sitting! hahaha! i really wish those stalls were open in the morning so i can have them for breakfast!
    anton, biking may also be a must-try activity. i haven’t done it but it’s on my to-do list on my next boracay trip. it’s a good way to explore the whole island and not just the “sides” 🙂
    also, my friend went to a cave with clear waters (and swim in it) when they were there. not sure though where that cave is located.

  11. ….merry merry christmas…..to all my european friends from the 70’s and 80’s….especially to you julia lol!….hope to see you and your entire families here in boracay…..i will be here early 2009….and no….we don’t have to wear the same pajamas lol!….cil

  12. ….simon of scotland….aberdeen or where ever lol!….i was hoping all of you old friends are at least browsing our awesome planet websites and can guess who am….simon….you just don’t know how grateful i was to you back then{earliest 80’s}when you helped me co-hosted a black tie but SUPER ‘fun’ dinner at my families{my sister-my mother}condo-home in europe….it was hilarious exciting adventurous laughable pillows fights feathers all over the place ‘overnight’….we all looked good that night….elegant long gowns-suits & bows except for the american who came in tie….i swear lol!….of course you were the best looking man in suit & bow tie that night sitting on the other end of that formal long candle lights dining table after that young ‘lucky’ american guy{gerald}who came just in second or after you lol!….but we ‘all’ know that the young american came home the next day the luckiest man alive lol!….this was according to julia and the rest of our european friends lol!….coz all the young lady guests that night was all fighting all their way to the micro tiny PEEEPING DOOR HOLE when that extremely handsome young american man from the american embassy rang the door bell lol!….i almost fell in the floor competing to ‘first’ reach that micro peeping door hole lol!….i remember i had to remind all other 6 young ladies to step aside….coz the place is mine lol!…. well….they did’nt listened lol!…. lol!…ladies….if you are browsing remember THE BET lol! lol!….it was’nt a bad idea lol! but ‘only’ if you win lol!….and ‘NOTHING RACIAL’just coincidences-just accidental….but europeans-americans-‘pure white’south africans….I WOULD LOVE TO WELCOME US TO NEW NEIGHBORHOODS IN ASIA CONTINENT for a change….we can all do it[international fun filled-hilarious semi formal initial reunion}again here in BORACAY PHILIPPINES lol!….but this time it will NOT be a young american man but an old filipino man lol!….oh….and on this ‘one’ i would’nt mind FALLING FACING THE FLOOR lol!….or even get arrested just to be the first one to open-see him at the door lol! lol!….surely BORACAY will be our new heaven-paradise….just make sure we leave’temporarily’ all our EXTREME ‘formalities’ behind just for few nights of rioting fun filled exciting ‘full of jokes’ adventurous crazy evenings{overnights}…..so please….to all my old european international 70’s-80’s friends
    WELCOME to BORACAY BY 2009….with or without your families i will be waiting….i miss you dearly….seriously….cil

  13. ….i just love these photos so i have to say something so the WORLD can see it over & over again….hope simons in scotland browsing our awesome planet will wonder & asked every simon who met this lady talking about boracay philippines from early 80’s{gmmahoney do not exist before only in 90’s}simon….i have an small idea….how about building a high end scottish ‘hotel or inn’ here in boracay philippines{does’nt have to be that grand but maybe a mini one}why?….so it is easy for all our old friends to find you lol! here’s why?….we need to take ferry boat ride from caticlan province to enter the island of boracay meaning from a distance{ferry boat}we can easily see your scottish mini grand castle coz of it’s ‘abnormal heights’lol!….but if you know i do not get really excited with castles coz i used to live{vacations}in catles-palaces{hotels} in the past….i was not having so much fun….i felt isolated-distant from the rest of the world coz of it’s size….so many dungeons prisons like basements so playing hide n seek was not fun but spooky HIDING instead lol….meaning if it is ‘not too much’for me to asked you BUT could you at least build a very ‘small’ TREE HOUSE next to your possible mini high end castle inn hotel so we can have at least a small place to riot-play informally lol!….so what?….why? will you be embarrassed? if you see me hanging in trees-tree house just to say hi! lol!….i haven’t change that much so bear with me o.k. lol!….{i was just joking lol!}….

  14. ….i wish boracay….sooner will replace motor vehicles-tricycles with ‘smokeless’ or any battery operated micro mini ‘transparent’ or micro ‘skeleton'{futuristic}cars…..why?….to make sure boracay will not become a future LOST ’cause’ paradise….coz of POSSIBLE over pollutions overcrowdings possible lowering of quality community standards….so one of the best first:….’solutions’ are the one i mentioned above….second solution: on overcrowding….boracay must build a controlled automatic open-closed tall ship ‘interconnecting'{pay-toll}bridge with the next closest island….i believed it is called carabao island?….so other huge but quality high end grand boracay intended infrastructures can be based-built in carabao island….but residents can crossed the automatic controlled interconnecting{pay-toll}bridge to PARTY in BORACAY anytime….third solutions:….but since carabao island do not have SAME great boracay beach EDGES…..meaning carabao island must build a sand beach like LOOK OUT EXTENSIONS towards the water but in a downhill ANGLES…..& some small yachts docking ports….years ago i made an advanced requests about carabao island coz i saw what is about to happened in boracay & nearby…..they thought i wasnt for real….now they have to pay more{more than doubled}to develop carabao island than years ago as i mentioned them….this way….no one losses….just ALL gains lol!….

  15. ….please….to all my elementary-high schooler mates that i asked recently to create their own exciting educational imaginative intellectual informative creative fun filled but wholesome NEW website bloggers corner called FIRST LOVE: A HEALTHY WORLD….PLANET PARADISE by:….should maybe use boracay as station branch by building their best classmate’s family ORIGINAL RECIPES{plus new recipes}restaurant….yun nga lang sana eh made of bamboos kahit na faux green bamboos basta yun ang overall theme…napakaganda siguro kung it is surrounded by bamboo garden property parks tapos lahat ng fences ng property are made of tight but thin sturdy tall flowering shady trees….at may mga public bamboo benches din na katerno naman yung tabing basurahan containers….tapos in every corners ay may tall ‘all the way’ DOWN na flowing super light weights na metal orchirds in varied colors at species eh di ang ganda siguro talaga….tapos may faux caves pa sya na extra unique parts of same restaurant….tapos ang paligid ng sahig ng faux caves eh fish ponds na may mga flower lillies at hanging ferns at may spread na mga colored ‘fruit’ palm trees tapos may mini maps sya ng boracay island made of bamboos din….tapos yung mga spread ng wooden or metallic lifesize STATUES
    ni maria clara ni florante at laura ni pepe n pilar o ni jose rizal na kunwari ay visiting chinese community sa pilipinas eh di cultural international family oriented ang dating….tapos yung ibang green na bahay kubo ay high end cultural boutiques….pero dapat iba ibang klase ang interior-exterior at sizes ng mga boutiques na bahay kubo para hindi boring ang dating….good luck mga kaeskwela dyan at buti na lang very intelligent with good tastes at wise yung mga naging kaeskwela ko dyan lol!….o sige boracay….they will challenge YOU boracay island to have more than 8 millions visitors by 2010 lol!….

  16. I have never been to Boracay…seeing the pics you posted makes me soooo excited!!! can’t wait, can’t wait to be there..I will be there in Feb 22-27..Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooo!!!! thanks for posting the pics 🙂

  17. ….hello simon of scotland….european 80’s different groups & those separate groups lol!….be sure simon’s ‘original’ in architecture state of the art mini but ‘grand’ scottish castle is there by 2009….so we will all know where to go or to find YOU simom….my filipino junior high school sweetheart in particular we don’t want him missing which i doubt but just in case ohhh i heard he is with his wife meaning all of us ‘will’ behave to avoid lawsuits lol! lol!….oh simon and the treehouse that’s very important it is important no one see how ‘much’ i eat lol!….meaning you need to hide those foods you’re gonna be ‘sneaking’ into our groups tree house no butler please….better if ‘YOU’ are the personnal butler this time lol!….

  18. Too bad there’s no Bacolod Chicken Inasal in Bora. I’m looking for it when I was there.

  19. It’s a shame to leave out station 3. It’s still got the feel of that “old Boracay” vibe – not so overdeveloped. And please, use the real name for our island. It’s BoraCAY! Not to be confused with Bora Bora in French Polynesia! 😉

  20. It’s a shame to leave out station 3. It’s still got the feel of that “old Boracay” vibe – not so overdeveloped. And please, use the real name for our island. It’s BoraCAY! Not to be confused with Bora Bora in French Polynesia! 😉

  21. actually it is good that station 3 areas stay under developed coz not everybody adores CONCRETE JUNGLE we love an old fashioned jungle like island like boracay

  22. remember: an old love affair a forgotten love story untold was it for real or just a fantasy i guess it is all up to you boracay

  23. “It’s a shame to leave out station 3. It’s still got the feel of that “old Boracay” vibe – not so overdeveloped. And please, use the real name for our island. It’s BoraCAY! Not to be confused with Bora Bora in French Polynesia! ;)”
    So i guess your still not using bora?
    You use “SMS” instead of “text”?
    You use “info” instead of “information”?
    the “world wide web” instead of “online”?
    “telephone me” instead of “call me”?
    “the republic of the philippine islands” instead of the “philippines”?
    we can do this all day… but you sure gave us a laugh! lol!
    the anality and beauty of it all!!! right?!! self-righteous ass! oh sorry i meant “asshole”.
    why don’t you study the history & evolution of language before you talk such nonsense… almost 100% of words in use today have evolved
    as humans naturally acquire more knowledge… otherwise you’ll still be speaking aramaic or greek or african! try that! maybe that will roll out of your tongue easier! u ignaramous! you’re not “old-school”, you probably never went to school and study the history of semantics and languages… look it up!
    by the way i live and got married in BO-RA-CAY. Where do you live?
    i have not heard any derogatory conotation when Boracay is mentioned as “Bora”. We should also never defer to another foreign island destination such as Bora-Bora in the French Polynesia by giving it full entitlement to the monicker “Bora”. It is as if we retain our colonial mentality by saying that the term Bora is theirs, when they are even STILL colonized by France.
    Boracay is not the ownership of any one group of people. Sometimes though, democracy always pervades and statistically there are more youths not only in the Philippines, but in the entire world. The Philippines after all is named historically & officially as the Republic of the Philippine Islands, but as most Filipinos & language in itself inevitably evolves, now it is called just Philippines (plural form as opposed to its singular form). Ironically when the Philippines is referred to by people as P.I. for Philippine Islands, its original, correct and complete form, us FIlipinos find it inversely offensive since we associate it with a filipino curse term. Not so with Bora.

  24. i just love your blog. I’ll be in boracay soon Jan09-Jan13 2009. I know already i’m going to have a blast. Can’t wait.. rain or shine, busy or not, whether you stay at stn 1, 2, or 3… every corner of boracay is a paradise and is full of surprises. What happens in bora stays in bora 🙂

  25. My Braids..My Birthday…My Beers…My Beach….My Boracay…. The Land of B’s… i love boracay!!! best hide out onn ur B-day

  26. Bora season once again! Missed it very much even after having gone through everything on the list except the ferris wheel ride. Never really got tired of doing all of them year after year, sometimes twice a year. Always served as a therapy for my stressful lifestyle here in the Metro. We’ll stay there for 5 days, perfect for a getaway this January.
    My 3 must-have yummy treats in bora:
    – The best spicy Chori burger i tasted, being sold at a stand near Hey Jude
    – Banana fritters of Patio Pacific (even had additional take-out order before and ate it in Manila after flying back here)
    – Banana Choco Peanut shake of Jonas

  27. Bora season once again! Missed it very much even after having gone through everything on the list except the ferris wheel ride. Never really got tired of doing all of them year after year, sometimes twice a year. Always served as a therapy for my stressful lifestyle here in the Metro. We’ll stay there for 5 days, perfect for a getaway this January.
    My 3 must-have yummy treats in bora:
    – The best spicy Chori burger i tasted, being sold at a stand near Hey Jude
    – Banana fritters of Patio Pacific
    – Banana Choco Peanut shake of Jonas

  28. nice article! another fun-filled activity for people visiting boracay is taking a daytrip to Ariel’s Point. visit http://www.arielspoint.com for more information. this new daytime destination would easily make the top 10 list for 2010.

  29. Hello there! Your post is really very helpful for a first timer like me. We’re already booked to visit Bora this weekend and I would love to try the Paraw Sunset Cruising. It says in your blog it’s only 150 per head but when i checked the other sites it’s 1000. Just wanna know if it’s still 150? 😀

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