The Legend Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant

I’m always on a lookout for good chinese restaurants in the Manila area. Normally, I prefer not to blog about them because there are too many of them. Although if you are tired of always eating at Gloria Maris or Emerald Garden for that special occasion, maybe you might want to try out the new Legend Hongkong Seafood Restaurant in Boom na Boom complex in CCP. It has a nice ambiance for a chinese restaurant and the food is good chinese cooking by a Hongkong trained chef. This is their first store in Metro Manila but they have branches in Malolos, Bulacan; San Fernando, Pampanga; Tarlac and the most popular one in Angeles City. We treated my parents-in-law and the food passed their taste buds. I’ll tell you that they are a great critique about chinese food (they know what good chinese food is) and they can certify that the food was cooked by what my father-in-law calls as a Hongkong Boy 🙂

Overall if you are looking for a good cantonese Hongkong-style chinese food, your budget is P300/head and you are escaping the madness in Mall of Asia, then it is worth to try out The Legend Hongkong Seafood Restaurant in CCP. Check this out!

The kitchen counter looks very clean and blends very well with the overall ambiance of the place that has predominantly wenge colored furnitures.

The resto has very nice windows, lamps, and you can reserve these private areas that has a window view.

I love the aquariums with this giant lobster.

and these ugly fishes…

I always commend restaurants that are kids-friendly with very nice high chair for babies. I would like to share with you this picture of Aidan who is very proud in holding this glass of water and he wants to drink in the glass by himself. This was a cute scene.

Lettuce Appetizer. Also kudos to this chinese restaurant for serving free healthy appetizers.

Fish Lip Soup (P250). This was superbly done specially with a dash of black vinegar.

Assorted Seafood in Hot Pot (P280). I cannot complain how delicious this hot pot is. But just remember that the pot is hot! (Trust me it was a painful mistake)

Steamed Fish Fillet with Ginger and Onion (P260). This was freshly cooked and in filipino, hindi malangsa.

Squid Salt and Pepper (P180). The squid was thinly slice and it was as if you are eating a fish fillet in softness.

The food critics — my parents-in-law!! 🙂 By the way, my wife saw one of her relatives eating in this place also and it is a good sign that this is a good chinese restaurant.

Just sharing with you my creative attempt on our family shot. I love this shot 🙂

The Legend (Hong Kong) Seafood Restaurant
Boom na Boom Compound, CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd. Pasay City
Tel# +632 833-1188, +632 833-3388


18 thoughts on “The Legend Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant

  1. Oooh the place looks very nice and clean, and the foods in the pictures looks sooo yummy! Im gonna check that place next time. nice pics !!
    Have a great day,

  2. thanks for the info here… we’ll definitely visit that place today. It’s my mom’s birthday! We almost tried every viand listed on Gloria Maris’ Menu,Max’s, Aristocrat, etc.. it’s time to try something new… Ü

  3. Hi Kuya..=) Natry ko food nila last july 1, party of my cousins’ son. Not Bad pinakagusto ko un HOT SHRIMP SALAD NILA. but actually it’s really my favorite heh=) *sigh* sarap talga kumain nuh hehehe=)

  4. hi anton. itss good to be back in our awesome planet! as usual, your entries are very informative and original…still loving it up to now.
    anyways, can you recommend a good resto that serves heavenly buffets (aside from saisaki, dad’s, cabalen, etc). my sister will be hosting a bithday blow-out and she asked for my help. where else do i go, except to the master, right?
    please help… im kinda desperate na, her birthday is next week. she’s not keen on the restos i recommended.
    btw, can i add your blog as one of my links?
    thanks, a million

  5. hi anton i have always relied on you for resto reviews. A day after reading this,we checkd it out and as usual you are is superb,parking is convenient and the service is above our expectation. However,i would like to ask which resto is best for 100pax function?legend or gloria maris ? We have to decide within a week,would appreciate your help.thanks

  6. yes.. the place is really clean and neat.. food serve ok, waiters good attitude.. talagang ok.. food price is ok also.. not so expensive.. food serve ok so price no problem..

  7. yes anton… as you did not alredy know… we do our parties theri most of the time.. mama birthday, papa birthday, ama, angkong…freinds come home from abroad.. and ala pa kami discount card ha! sana mag stock holder nalang ako dyan.. hahaha!…
    anyway, good luck sa inyo.. many many successful storues from otehr customers naman…
    Masarap pala yung bagong fried rice niyo.. yung with egg covering the fried rice.. what you call that na nga? basta masarap yan.. must try kayo.. super yammy!…

  8. Hi! thanks for the nice review you gave to this resto, actually i had my son’s bday party there last Feb 2008 pa, after i read about your blogs we immediately tried it and talagang pasado. For a Chinese resto na hindi amoy Chinese and the service staff is really friendly and efficient, we got amused though when we heard the happy bday song in Chinese and was kinda fun, unfortunately when i requested them to play it during my sons bday somebody must have torn it apart (literally ha) Anyway, the whole experience was great. All our guests loved the food the Suckling Pig Combination/ Shrimps w/ Brocolli(mind you it’s PRAWNS as in) / birthday noodles(canton) is nice / Fish w/ Ginger Soy / Tofu lechon Hotpot / szechuan squid / almond Lychee jello(good not the typical gulaman bars)/ Fried Chikcen / Salt & Pepper Ribs/ not to forget my favorite peanuts nga pala saraaap.
    Wish to go back there again hope it’ll be soon.
    Kendy and Alex was very accommodating all our requests were attended to promptly. Function rooms are very presentable for a Chinese resto huh! Washroom is so clean and w/ airconditioning too.
    Thanks Anton ! btw may I invite you to visit my new resto client in E. Rodriguez Ave. in front of Christ the King Church near QC Sports it’s called Ditzy Diner may be you can try our food and write a blog abt it.
    Lanie Lim 09178555914

  9. The Legend is my favourite Chinese restaurant in the Philippines. I am from Hong Kong and frequently travel to Manila for work and each time I am in town, eating at The Legend is a must. The seafood is great and the food is 100% Hong Kong style. I am very surprised to find such high quality Chinese food in Philippines!

  10. Thank you Sir Anton for featuring The Legend Restaurant in your blog. We appreciate it so much.
    It’s very nice knowing that our guests enjoy the food and service we provide to them, and through your blog we would also like to apologize if sometimes problems occur like as to what happened with Ma’am Sandy, wherein she posted that we were not able to provide her the Chinese Birthday Song she was requesting for, certainly we will find out why such incident happened and make sure to take action & to avoid doing the same mistake again.
    Please feel free to inform us of our short comings so we may be able to give you the best service that you should be provided of. We would be glad to hear from you, listed here are our Contact numbers (556-1160, 556-1159,833-3388,832-2288,and 833-1188)
    Again Sir Anton THANK YOU!!!

  11. I am thinking of having our son’s 1st birthday party to be held on that restaurant. I’m trying to check out if there’s available list on the Internet or their prices.

  12. I celebrated my simple wedding reception on that restaurant last June. Reservation fee is only minimal and they followed my instructions on what i want on my day. I highly recommend their Peking Duck (Skin is crispy and mouthwatering), assorted coldcuts (my husband love their seaweeds for he is very picky)and cold prawn salad (my mom adores this). I’m planning to celebrate my birthday this coming October on Legend Hongkong Restaurant. There are many reasons for me to keep coming back. Food is great..service is good..ambiance is very nice

  13. W/ this pandemic, how many pax do you accommodate for a simple surprise 60th birthday celebration? Do you have projector to be used for surprise greetings of those who can’t attend & a host to introduce them? How many days neded to make reservations?

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