Cyma in Manila!! Opa!!

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O-pa!! Cyma is now in Manila and for anyone who have been to this bora resto favorite (see related article: Top 5 Bora Resto), you can’t help but it but to say O-pa!! Opa is a greek cheer and it is such a happy greeting that would make you feel at home in this 2 week old resto in Edsa Shangrila Mall. In Bora, it is hidden inside d’mall and sometimes you’ll get lucky to be eating with famous people, actors/ actresses, who frequent this greek restaurant. This is indeed a “flourishing” resto as its name suggest in greek, and anybody can attest that the food is great πŸ™‚ Although the food are a bit on the expensive side and not to mention that they increased the prices by 10% in their mall outlet.

These days, there is almost no reason for you to go to Edsa Shangrila mall with the Edsa and mall traffic. I would prefer to go to Mall of Asia than meet somebody in Edsa Shang Mall. At least in Mall of Asia, once you figure out the technique of how to park and navigate your way through the maze, then it would be a pleasant experience for you. (Note: only on weekdays πŸ™‚ But Edsa Shang gave me enough good reason to brave the Edsa traffic and park on the 6th floor cinema level with its steep long winding road just to enjoy the dishes of Cyma. This is a good way to satisfy your Cyma craving rather than waiting for summer next year to fly to Bora. By that time, we would have moved on to the next resto fad in bora.

Demistyfying Mezedes Combination (P290). It’s english translation is “appetizers” and Greeks traditionally start their meals with these little treats they call mezedes. This is a sample platter of their four appetizers.

1). Tzatziki (P105). The classic cucumber and yogurt dip served either Mild or Strong Garlic. Not a good idea if you are on a date.
2). Melitzanosalata (P95). Freshly roasted eggplant tomatoes, garlic, fresh lemon and EVOO (not sure what this is, would anybody know?)
3). Hummous (P100). Velvety chickpea, tahini and garlic dip.
4). Htipiti (P120). Feta Cheese, cream cheese, roasted spicy pepper and EVOO.

The verdict. I’ve order this both in the mall outlet and the bora resto and only the Htipiti feta cheese appetizer stands out. Check out the Tzatziki of Manos Taverna in Tagaytay and this would pale in comparison. The hummous was disappointing and the Cafe Mediteranean was a lot better. The eggplant appetizer is OK. Next time I would only order the Htipiti which is a lot cheaper only P120 vs. the mezedes at P290. By the way you can order extra pita for P25.

Spinach and Artichoke Fondue (P250). Only P230 in Bora but this dish is a winner! O-pa!! The melting cheese, sliced sun dried tomato and feta blended very well which makes the CPK spinach and artichoke dip version taste ordinary. This is more of a dip than a fondue which brings up images of Old Swiss Inn’s famous fondue desserts. The dip goes very well with the garlic bread instead of the pita.

Unfortunately, there were only three of us when we ate so we cannot order Cyma’s Chef recommended Chicken Gyro, the Pastisado (Greek Osso Bucco), Sayanaki (flaming cheese) ; or Cyma’s in-demand signature dish, the Cyma Lamb Chops. I plan to go back soon and this is a good place during Father’s day.

Flaming Mango Dessert (P180). Anything flaming is interesting and that’s why we ordered this dessert with matching O-pa cheer as it is served to your table. Kudos to Cyma for the innovation on this dessert which costs us P180!! Unfortunately, they used a whole mango with its seed still intact which actually destroyed the appeal of this dessert. It is good and you should immediately taste it right after the vanila ice cream is put on top of the flaming mango. It taste like fire and ice melting with the sweetness of Mango.

This is an ambiance shot of this small outlet in Cinema Level Edsa Shangrila Mall, Ortigas.

You know what, this is really a perfect place for a Father’s day celebration on June 18, and after a Cyma meal we’ll give our father’s day gift of a ringside ticket to the Pacquiao – Larios Fight on July 2. Just sharing with you this tip, I know my dad is not reading my blog and feel free to reapply πŸ™‚

Here is the number: CYMA GREEK RESTO, Shangrila Mall @ +632 6373090.


13 thoughts on “Cyma in Manila!! Opa!!

  1. Goodness gracious, I haven’t been to Mall of Asia yet but EDSA Shang is one of my favorite malls. Nice restos & shopping places, not crowded, chic surroundings & most of all, just a short ride away from the MRT:)

  2. Anton!
    I finally got the chance to visit the beach and in no other place but BORA.
    I didn’t like CYMA, I LOVED IT! We practically ate dinner over there for 3 nights. Ok call us boring but I couldn’t agree with you more about how the food in Cyma was excellent!
    I ordered their Mahi-mahi and it was for me the best fish dish I’ve ever had Thank God there’s no need to fly to the Visayas just to sample the other yummy meals they serve. WE also loved the Spinach and artichoke fondue. That was worth walking to the D’mall for.
    Keep ’em coming!

  3. I’m ecstatic that I don’t have to fly to the islands just to eat at CYMA. I too loved it so much that I wanted to eat every dinner there while I was in Bora.

  4. Hey that’s good news! I love CYMA and I enjoyed their food. We featured Their Bora resto in our recent issue of inflight. Nice to hear their in town!

  5. EVOO stands for Extra Virgin Olive Oil; i think the acronym was first used by Rachel Ray, host of “30-minute meals” on the Food Network.
    The food pics are great! πŸ™‚

  6. Hi,
    I recently tried CYMA in Shang mall since I was not able to try it when I was in Bora a month ago. The Osso Buso pasta was superb and yet very affordable. The mussels that we had for appetizer was also good and fresh. What I like most about CYMA is that the food tastes great, prices are very affordable, and the portions are huge.

  7. Like the Flaming Mango though I do agree that the seed can be a bit “off” to the whole thing. But it’s okay – I just patiently scrape off the meat πŸ™‚ If you got a really sweet tooth, go for Baklava or Galaktoboureko (Cream Filling Filo Pastry).
    Tried Chicken and Lamb Gyros – no major shakes but I like the Lamb over the Chicken. The sauce is a thumbs up though if you are hard lover of hot and spicy πŸ˜‰ We used the sauce for everything we ordered teehee.
    The Lamb Chops is also okay though a bit hard – but it may be my fault since I asked for it to be well done. The side dish – tomato with rice is cute (=>) and yum πŸ™‚ We were supposed to get Greek potatoes but we were told that they were sold out.
    Have always wanted to try Moussaka and I was not disappointed. I might still be biased since it’s my first Moussaka hehe.
    Got seafood souvlaki …yummy! Juicy enough =)
    Not a fan though of Sayanaki – I find it bland =(
    Btw – don’t have a way to compare this with the Bora’s quality coz I never been to the Bora one πŸ™ Maybe, if I got the chance again πŸ™‚

  8. Hi, I am in the foodservice business and we are supplying imported beef, pork, chicken and lamb to Hotels, resto, food chains and i find these very useful in my line of work and would like to join you and be a menber of your group.
    Good day!

  9. just confused as to proper pronounciation of CYMA… My husband talked to a genuine greek friend and according to him, CYMA is pronounced as KIMA… because in the greek alphabet, there is no letter “C”….

  10. I didn’t mind the tiny COCKROACH in the chili oil as much as the LIEs the staff said to keep people in walking shorts out of the restaurant. . .
    The next time you go to CYMA Eastwood wearing shorts in a warm summer night at 9pm, don’t believe them when they tell you that you are 10th in the wait list. The CYMA staff at the front entrance told us that we were 10th in the wait list. We called his bluff and waited for the 9 groups to arrive. When they saw that we were not leaving they ushered us to an empty table after just a few minutes. We thought that the Cyma Lamb Chops and Salad will make up for it until we saw a small COCKROACH in the chili oil . . .

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