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Paolo Steak (P495). 5 ounces of Grilled US Certified Angus Rib Eye of Beef.

I’m fascinated at the way Myron’s created a blogging buzz with Lori originally blogging about it with her post “Want steak? Go to Myron’s“. Marketman followed with “Myron’s at Rockwell” and “Plum and Grape Shakes” posts. How can a restaurant create a blogging buzz so fast with key foodie bloggers blogging it within a month’s time? Unfortunately, the comments about Myron’s are mixed and I have a theory that food reviews can influence your taste bud. We visited here during Father’s Day weekend with my friends who make it a point to try out new restos every month. Despite mixed reviews, I tried it out and even had a chance to meet with Mon Eusebio who owns the place. He was very concerned with the mixed comments, and I was glad that they are trying their best to improve it. I will be concerned too specially if it’s your father’s in law name that is at stake here and the reputation of the family of chefs catering to important people and taipan’s in the society.

The Verdict. The food is unique and very good. My only complaint was how expensive it was but that is another story. This restaurant is less than two months old located in Rockwell ground floor restaurant area, and this is certainly a place that I would go back to treat my parents during special dinner occasion. I would like to certainly contribute to the blogging buzz and give my 2 cents worth on the Myron’s experience. Certainly, we are now seeing the age of alternative media in the Philippines with blogging being able to influence your view about a certain place or restaurant. All bloggers are not paid to do it, and the power of blogging is in the personalities of people who blogs about their passions, creates a credibility and following built over time. You can agree or disagree to it and there is no perfect food review. But if you have Lori and Marketman blogging about it and certainly that is a good restaurant to try out!

This is my own experience at Myron’s…

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Mesclun Salad with seared sesame crusted Ahi-tuna and Miso Dressing (P220). This was the best seller in the house because of their delicious Miso dressing. Story has it that the dressing was first made available in the Salcedo Market and it became an instant hit! Two of our friends are raving about this salad, and for me personally, I think there is something wrong with the vegetables or maybe it was the tuna.

Baked Oyster Rockefeller (P295).

Lori was right, the rockefeller was very good!! In fact, my friends also ordered the Oysters with Citrus Granita and it was also a hit! Marketman also raved about the oyster granita and need I say more? I did not try the fresh one because I’m not into it. You won’t get wrong with Oysters here which is according to Mon, they are sourced fresh from Capiz. My dad would definitely love this.

US Baby Back Ribs with Mustard Bourbon Sauce (P495).

This one got mixed reviews and was compared negatively with Tony Roma’s ribs. I personally was not able to taste it but it sure looks good to me.

Paolo Steak (P495). 5 ounces of Grilled US Certified Angus Rib Eye of Beef.

We decided to order the entry level steak which is the Paolo as they would call it. The steak was delicious and tasty — it was very good. This steak was thinly sliced and sometimes when you order a steak you would expect that thickness to be present in your medium well steak. I think next time we will order the Myron’s choice with Foie Gras and decide to split it among us to really get that taste of that unique Myron Steak experience. Another reason to go back…

Surf and Turf Kebabs (P350). This was a good value for your money and it is very good. At this point, I don’t understand why this restaurant got mixed reviews in the first place. Maybe it could be supplier issues and I’m glad I went here after 7 weeks of operation 🙂

Myron’s New Menu.

I liked the assortment of their food. My dad would love this place because he would have all his favorite food all in one place! By the way, I forgot to try out the Red Plum which was suppose to be one of the many favorites in the drinks menu.

The Man behind Myron’s.

Mon Eusebio’s claim to fame is the Angus Roast Beef Belly which they sold in Salcedo Market. I had a chance to talk to the guy and learned a lot about their restaurant business history on how they started off Katips among others. They are a family of chefs so you can just imagine their desire to give a very good experience to everybody in the midst of the mixed reviews.

We reserved this corner spot and I think this is the best place for a dinner conversation here at Myron’s

Overall, where can you get a great steak, great oysters, salad with miso vinaigrette and red plum shake all in one place? Only at Myron’s!! It was a great eating experience for us and people might not agree but that is perfectly fine. My last comment was it costs us P650/head inclusive of 10% service charge and 12% VAT — ouch!! I’m going back one of these days again to try out the other dishes I missed and this time with my parents 🙂

So have you been @ Myron’s? Please share your experience…


8 thoughts on “Myron’s Blogging Buzz

  1. Hi Anton,
    I’d like to correct you if I may, it’s Mon Eugenio (not Eusebio). 🙂 I did read the mixed reviews of both sites and am not entirely surprised as this is expected for most new restaurants, they’re all part of the birth pains. I’m sure each comment was taken as constructive criticism will be used towards improving what needs improving.
    I had dinner there only once so far, and I wasn’t disappointed. In fact the chicken salad and soup I had was very good.

  2. hi anton,
    i like reading your posts specially about those “hidden” restaurants and places to go to. have you tried steak md at morato? the steaks are good but priced very reasonably. of course theres no ambiance like myron’s but the steaks are definitely bigger that 5 0zs.

  3. My family got absolutely terrible service when they went. So much so that my usually benign mum actually walked out in disgust because they didn’t get her orders right.
    Presumably that was because it was very new. (Although a restaurant that’s not ready for visitors probably shouldn’t be going full on live). Hmmmm.
    Well good luck to them, hope they work things out before more negative comments come to the fore.

  4. we tried to dine during fathers day, no luck, the place was packed. i just did the other day and for me it was a delightful experience worth repeating and recommending to others.

  5. i just tried it recently. i think they should be more well known for their oysters than their steaks. it was really fresh and dressed well.yumm…. aside from this, their pasta was very good too! would come back to try more!

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