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Sango Master Cheeseburger (P98)

There is a new burger place in town which provides an alternative option for all burger lovers out there. I would not immediately associate japanese food with an american burger concept, that is why the first time I saw this I was skeptical. The Burger Master name sounded like a title from an anime cartoon, so the concept sounded weird at first. I was waiting for some people to rave about it and whipsmart’s review was enough for me to try this out. The difference is in the special sauce (like a spaghetti sauce with too much onions) they put in their master cheeseburger which blends well with the thick tomato slice and the soft bun. It is deliciously addicting especially with the slice of cheese. We only tried the burgers but there are other options in the menu. It feels like a japanese version of Jollibee that caters to the taste buds of a japanese.

The verdict, the burgers are very good and you’ll get it with a free origami! My only complaint is the poor exhaustion system inside the restaurant where if you stay too long inside, the aroma of the burger sticks to your clothes. This is similar to going to a fast food area in the malls where you would hate smelling as if you haven’t put on any deodorant for the day. An option for those who doesn’t want to smell would just to eat it outside the restaurant or just take out the food and hopefully, the food would still taste the same when you eat it at home.

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The single beef patty looks like it was too small so you better opt for the double master burger (P128) or the with cheese version (P148). I know it is expensive but it is worth to try specially the master version.

There are other fast food menu items available including rice burgers and shakes which is worth noting.

Also, we tried the goboh salad for P58 and it is very small, taste ordinary and it is not worth it. If you opt not to try the goboh salad, they also offer the usual salad for P48 with the same size.

The place really caters to the Japanese community so there are a lot of Japanese reading materials instead of your usual inquirer newspaper and other magazines.

Interesting concept of having an LCD screen showing Japanese shows or anime cartoons to attract the family.

Can you go wrong with a japanese burger place frequented by japanese? The restaurant has a simple interior design accented by origami.

Sango. The Burger Master!

Room 5 Ground Floor Creek Side Mall

Amorsolo St. corner Legaspi Village,

Makati City. (Besides Pharaoh)

Tel 830-0391


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17 thoughts on “Sango — The Japanese Burger Master!

  1. Kobiyashi-San wants to thank you for this post. He was very happy to see this (translated to him probably). The burger chef used to work in Moss Burger for 20 years.

  2. Hi sir anton,
    I’ve been reading your blogs for almost a year now. I’ve tried a lot of the places and restos you’ve raved about. And I was never disappointed at all.
    I just want to thank you for the nice, very informative, and very helpful reviews. I am not only having fun when I read your blogs, but I also learn a lot, it saves me a lot of time, and money too. =)
    Thanks a lot again!

  3. My wife and I eat here almost every week, and some weeks almost every day. Make sure to try their chili hotdog (beef hotdog with master-burger meat sauce, onions and sliced green peppers), chicken teriyaki burger with tartar sauce, master french fries and yakiniku rice burger (a sure hit). My personal favorites are the “hidden items”, not in the menu, for those “in the know” (haha), including yakiniku rice burger with kimchi, the exceedingly satisfying omurice (you will be stuffed and happy), and a steak (the real thing!!!). Make sure to also try out Sarang (cheap, top-notch Korean – try the fried tofu and grilled pork/ spicy chicken, beef bibimbap, and the ramyun) and Shima Uta (sushi bar with fresh tuna, tons of sushi selections in categories and the delectable uni-men) which are right beside Sango. Ah this area is heaven ^_^ Fresh food!
    By the way, MOS burger is in Japan. It invented the rice burger based on onigiri that Mcdonald’s is trying to mimic now. If you’re ever in Japan make sure to try it at least once, the flavorful selection of burgers will blow you away 😛

  4. I’m dick fajardo from bacoor cavite i always eat sa sango kaso masyadong malayo ung place nyo sa may alabang sana ilipat nyo na lang ung branch nyo sa alabang dun sa may sm southmall sa may las piñas atleast mas bebenta kayo dun unlike sa my south supermarket kung san located kyo ngayon sa alabang na obbserve ko kse na medyo konti ang tao dun!! tenx and more power!!!

  5. nice…its good..
    date akung ngtratrabaho sa sango and talagang masarap ang burgers lahat talaga the best.. kakaiba…sna di magbago ang lasa…

  6. I love Sango! So much better than Mos burgers. I always order the Master Double Burger with Cheese, no onions, with fries and a yogurt shake. Yum! They’re opening in Powerplant today.

  7. Hi Anton! Just thought you might want to know that Sango already has a new branch in Rockwell. It’s right beside Starbucks and Cibo. They have an automatic order kiosk that is fun and convenient.

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